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Check my AGI infrastructure project called Vsy, or Jack of All Trades:


Hello! I'm Todor, a.k.a. Tosh and Twenkid - Universal man and "Twenkid" (see a definition) or with more words: an Artificial General Intelligence "prodigy" and pioneer as a teenager, a generalist researcher and developer, visionary, author, creative, "athlete" etc. I created and presented the world's first interdisciplinary university courses in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) in 2010 and 2011, an event that was 8 years ahead of a related course in MIT. 


With some of the best students from the 2010 course
With some of the best students from the 2010 course

My interdisciplinary AGI research-institute project proposed in an essay in 2003 was
15 years ahead of the creation of intitutes like that by Stanford and MIT in 2018 (yes, I know - "so what, who cares?)

For the ones who care I've been preparing a huge documentary collection book, currently > 1240 pages 1100, that proves that pioneering story and is inviting partners, researchers, supporters, donators, sponsors, investors to join me (initially in Bulgarian).

I'm looking for R&D and business partners and opportunities for my startup project targetted at AGI & Code and general-purpose Content Synthesis (Computational Creativity, Generative models and their application etc.) and more broadly for the  creation of an Interdisciplinary Research and Creative Institute and Company.

[ "Sadlly", the content synthesis was recently very quickly "eaten up" by the big generative models.]

  Hello, I'm Todor Arnaudov, aka Tosh, Twenkid etc. About: - 👯 I’m looking for research partners, collaborators, supporters, projects etc. and looking for cofounders of the extended non-individual version of my interdisciplinary research institute in AGI "Sacred Computer", which I run on my own self-funded. - 🌱 A "universal man" who enjoys, or "suffers", diverse talents, curiosity, multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity. - 🌱 A "child prodigy" in Artificial General Intelligence and Transhumanism and an AGI pioneer in times when these terms didn't exist or were unknown. You probably haven't heard of me and of my early 2000s teenage visionary works, with their summary title "Theory of Universe and Mind", which defined directions, ideas and principles, "goals", which were independently shared after that or about the same time by other AGI pioneers and mainstream researchers (e.g. Jeff Hawkins, Karl Friston etc.; Schmidhuber, Hutter etc.). Mine were published since 2001 in the Bulgarian AGI e-zine "Sacred Computer" (Свещеният сметач) etc.; my 2003 strategy/proposal for creation of a super interdisciplinary AGI institute in Bulgaria for one million euro (compare to DeepMind (2010), Stanford's Human Centered AI (2018), MIT's One Billion Institute (2018), ETH in Switzerland (2020) and INSAIT in Sofia (2022). Compare also my original interdisciplinary AGI University courses in 2010 and 2011 with MIT's first course in 2018. - 💬 A documentary book, a collection of my visionary and pioneering writings, whole or excerpts etc., compared in chronology with the academic and the mainstream AGI publications. This work was compiled mainly in 2020, updated later, but it is yet to be published, initially in Bulgarian ("History, Theory and Pioneers of Artificial General Intelligence and Transhumanism", more than 1600 pages long in its current layout.) -

 📫 How to reach me: http://artificical-mind.blogspot.com | http://twenkid.com | http://eim.twenkid.com - 
⚡ Youtube: "Twenkid Studio - Artificial Mind". Watch my funny & serious "medley" channel and the latest deepfake comedy series made with my grayscale version of DeepFaceLab "ArnoldDFR" or DFL-SAEHDBW: "Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Governor of Bulgaria" https://youtu.be/n2JMGqxOYfA ; Part 2: https://youtu.be/k1MZ8eIUjXE etc. There are some programming/research videos and lectures, (GPT2-Medium training from scratch, Twitchslam API update, World's first university course in AGI, one of the lectures from the course (in Bulgarian) etc., some of them are in Bulgarian) * ИЗКУСТВЕН РАЗУМ И РАЗВИТИЕ НА ЧОВЕКА: ИСТОРИЯ, ТЕОРИЯ И ПИОНЕРИ. Други имена: "История, теория и пионери на Универсалния изкуствен разум и трансхуманизма", или "Българският пионер в Общия изкуствен интелект и развитието на човека/трансхуманизма" (...): За книгата в Гитхъб

 About the blog

Created in 2007, "Artificial Mind" is a continuation of one of the oldest e-zines on AGI*: "Sacred Computer" ("Свещеният сметач", Bulgarian), which was most active in 2001-2004. The e-zine was created in late 2000 and first published on a BBS (initially not AI topics). The discoveries and writings, published in that period were the basis of the world's first University course in AGI, presented by me in the spring of 2010.
Здравейте, аз съм Тош, 
"универсален човек" или по-конкретно:информатик, изследовател, разработчик, експерт в изкуствения интелект и "дете чудо" в общия ИИ (AGI) и трансхуманизма, визионер, всестранен творец, видео оператор и монтажист, автор, изпълнител, "спортист",  Създател съм на първия в света интердисциплинарен университетски курс по Универсален Изкуствен Разум (УИР, AGI) през 2010 и 2011 г. Есето ми за създаване на интердисциплинарен институт по изкуствен интелект от 2003 г. изпревари с 15 години създаването на институтите споделящи някои от идеите ми през 2018 г. (Освен "INSAIT" има още един чип, както каза Терминаторът и този друг чип е по-стар от "INSAIT"). Търся партньори за проекта си за интердисциплинарен изследователско-творчески институт и компания за разработка на мислещи и творящи машини.

"Изкуствен разум" е едно от продълженията на сп. "Свещеният сметач", създадено в края на 2000 г. и първоначално качено в BBS, което беше и едно от първите или първото електронно списание, посветено на общия изкуствен интелект (универсален изкуствен разум), през 2001-2004 г. Откритията и идеите, които публикувах там през този период, бяха в основата на първия в света университетски курс по общ ИИ през 2010 г.

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