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Twenkid: definition of

Twenkid - a speical kind of "kid" in his or her twenties, or older decades

Twenkids are people in their 20-ies, who do enjoy life like kids do. They love to play games, to play musical instruments, to draw, to take pictures, to make movies, to dance, to research and explore, to fantasize and invent, to write their fantasies, to juggle, to ride bikes, etc. They enjoy and possess diversity and versatility.
Twenkids don't stop dreaming about learning to do new fancy things - driving sports cars or motorbikes, drawing with tablet or brushes, playing new musical instruments; becoming a rock star, making feature movies, designing CPUs and of course - thinking machines.

Twenkids can daydream as freely as a child about big and "crazy" things, without being insane and without their dreams to get captured into "idea fix" stage, even though some people may misunderstand them as if they did. Twenkids' dreams are smart, sometimes self-ironic, and include just dreaming to be able to dream and to pursue their dreams, which is something that could be easily achieved, even if the final goals could not be reached . Also, due to the endlessness of their dreams, even if many dreams can't be realized, many others can... So, it's fun anyway!

Twenkids don't get let down even if their dreams seem stupid and unrealistic to others, in contrast to the regular people, who prefer to keep their legs firmly on the ground - a twenkid regards this attitude as boring.

Twenkids may look childish, naive or even stupid at first sight for some of the non-twenkids (most of the humanity...) twenty-thirty-etc some ordinary people who lack appropriate sense of humor, however this is wrong, because the ones who are twenkids have extremely high IQ and creativity, and usually work as engineers, researchers, software developers; some kind of artists, or more likely - all at once.

Another word with close meaning, which generally means a polymath is the Bulgarian neologism Younak (or Younak, [Yunahk]), coined in "Sacred Computer" e-zine in the early 2000-s by Todor Arnaudov, aka Tosh.
[2020: "Younak" (юнак) originally means "hero", etimologically it comes from "Younost" - Adolescence, Youth. Younaks and twenkids are "forever young".]

Younaks are versatile persons with very high IQ and creativity, regardless the age he or she is. "Twenkid" can also be used for 30-some or older persons, as long as they are twenkids inside.

Twenteen is another term, coined to express the "childish" enjoyment of life, coined by Tosh 1-2 years ago, and found to be reinvented by others, too. However, twenkid is supposed to be more precise term, because twenkids are cheerful like kids, they enjoy life and are eager to play, to dream wildly and they are actually running after their dreams. On the other hand typical life of a teenager is better explained with other pursuits and different attitude to life, such as too much involvement with basic social needs and early intimate experiences.

Examples of twenkids

Me... :-P

Examples of younaks

Leonardo Da Vinci has been a great younak.

[Edit: 11.8.2020: Well, however partially. AFAIK he was not athletic or good in performance arts literature?]
Raymond Kurzweil is supposed to be younak, but I'm not sure about his artistic talents [+2020] and I also don't know if he was athletic, so - likely not
Definite younaks, regarding the versatility and creativity definition, are for example Peter Sabev, Todor Arnaudov and Ilian Georgiev.

[Edit 2020:] Leibniz was "universal genious", but again I don't know about his atheltics and artistic skills, they seem not to be mentioned in the biography I've read.

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REZA said...

dude, thanks for this great post! Now I know i'm twenkid!

Todor "Tosh" Arnaudov - Twenkid said...

Thanks, and welcome to the club, reza! :) Now we do know for sure...

We are not alone! :))

BTW, I'm going to share a lot about my "child fantazies". Stay tuned...
I'm getting curious about yours, too. :)