Monday, July 27, 2009

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Virtuoso in Unreal Tournament 2004

Todor's video from a recent UT2004 session.

Game: UT2004, demo version.
Map: Rankin
Difficulty: Godlike

Beautiful frags, multikills and escapes. No overall win, though - up to second place.

Most efficient weapon: lightning gun. Enjoy! :P

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

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Зад кулисите на "Нощни птици" - документална комедия, премиера

Плакат на филма "Зад кулисите на Нощни птици"

Повече информация
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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Петранка (комедия) - премиера в Интернет | Petranka (short film)

Повече информация

За два дни филмът е гледан общо около 1000 пъти във Вбокс и Ютюб. :)
Най-доброто постижение до сега.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

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Todor turned 25... The Judgment day is approaching!*

What's new?

T4, Termination Salvation was stunning! Wow.

I turned 25 recently
and the judgment day is approaching... No, I'm not that mad... :))

August 18-th
, or as they called it in advance - The Judgment Day, or The Day of Termination.

The day when Todor terminates his contract as an ASIC Verification Engineer.

From then on, he focuses on Show Business and Research, and shortly he reaches to a series of spectacular breakthroughs in Art, Media, Cinema and Artificial Intelligence.

Wish so... :))

I'm putting video production online by Twenkid Studio, for Bulgarian "market" only, but I'm still failing to reach to "viral effect". Too few viewers, several hundreds up to 1000. Working on a number of shorts, but too tiny free time... A new approach is conceived, but not enough time yet.

"The Gift" short film, a dream of mine, needs so much time and concentration for its most complex scenes and special effects, that I hardly can find now... Hope I'll manage to work on it soon...

A moment from "The Gift", Todor Arnaudov's short film.
Starring - Todor.

Back to gaming...

So, I'm Inhuman! :P

Target - To become a Godlike... :-]

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