Friday, May 17, 2013

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Music, Art, Languages, Emotions, Software and other Distractions

Yeah, I confess - I was bad, I've been distracted lately... By stuff, work, bad emotions, housekeeping and cleaning :-D, too much walks out, sports - both practicing and watching, taking some beatiful pictures, social events, performances, concerts and general drama of everyday life. The weather in Plovdiv, and a few other ...aspects, are too good to keep yourself inside in the office... :) It rather calls you to stay outside all through it... ;-D

Not that I've not done any technical work or progress, but I confess - quite a little...

Musical Career and Twenkid Studio

I've been working on my "musical career" a bit, e.g. making tracks, spending some time with the guitar, the keyboard and a custom percussion software of mine, which received some attention, too.

I want to have a duo at least, hopefully or a band. Finally! I found someone for this, but it stalled again, I hope it would be temporarily this time. So far it always ends up somewhere in the middle - there are obstacles, for example distance, and somebody either gives up or doesn't push it enough, or both... It's a shame.

Stealth or Paused Software, Polyglotism/Languages and Video and Acting

I've done some work on some software projects which are not yet disclosed to the public, too.

The TTS "Toshko 2" was being "paused" lately - I have to prepare the advertisings first in order to make any sales, but it was postponed too.

Well, I should do it soon, even if it's not with the visual effects I wished to develop first. The crucial part of the ads will be my acting, not the visuals anyway.

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