Monday, July 9, 2012

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SIGI 2012-1 - The First SIGI-AGI conference/multi-conference of the Independent Society of Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary AGI/SIGI Researchers

The First SIGI-AGI conference/multi-conference of the Independent Society of Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary AGI/SIGI Researchers

The event happened successfully on 7-th of July in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. :)

News: SIGI-2012-2: The Second Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary AGI-SIGI Conference -- First Call for Participants, Works, Papers:

SIGI stands for Self-Improving General Intelligence
AGI stands for Artificial General Intelligence

Idea and organizer/"chairman": Todor Arnaudov

Many thanks to all of the co-organizers, participants and supporters!

Co-organizers/co-"chairmen" and sponsors: Alexander Kamburov, Svetlin Penkov, Georgi Zlatev

Valuable moral support and participation with a paper: Dr. Petar Kormushev

Co-organizers and participants: Daniel Angelov, Orlin, Angel

We used a conferent room in a hotel with the picturesque name "Intel Coop"... :D It's a pity we didn't have luck to get any funding or support by Intel Corporation, not a single representative was in the hotel, too*... ;)

The working languages at SIGI 2012-1 were Bulgarian and English. The contributors of this edition were international (studying/working or having some kind of business or scientific relationships with UK, Italy, USA and Bulgaria), but we were all Bulgarians so even though some of the presentation slides were in English, we discussed in Bulgarian.

Initially about 4-5 more participants were expected to attend physically, however some of them didn't make it for one reason or another. Probably they will join us in the following editions. We want to make it soon, possibly in a few weeks or a few months and will have a more flexible form, I will tell about it later.

The next edition will be more open for international participants and probably will be semi-online, to allow more people to attend and participate with less efforts and possibly zero expenses.

Stay tuned for updates and details about participating in the next event of the independent SIGI/AGI society!

SIGI 2012-1 -  Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 7/7/2012 


Computer Vision
Machine Learning/Reinforcement Learning

  • Dr. Peter Kormushev et al.:  Learning the skill of archery by a humanoid robot iCub  (off-line, with a paper, presentation and a video)

  • Svetlin Penkov: Inferring the Position of a Robot’s ‘Ground Plane’ by Real-Time Observation of a Ball Rolling over a Surface - also a sort of a little workshop/introduction to ROS (Robot Operating System) and OpenCV

  • Svetlin Penkov and Daniel Angelov - Their contribution in line-tracking robots, including an artificial neural-network module for learning tracks

  • Orlin - participated in discussions

    Petar is a Team Leader (equivalent to U.S. Assistant Professor) at the Advanced Robotics department of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), located in Genoa.

    Svetlin will be last year MS Student in Robotics in Reading, UK. He also works at the Bulgarian Academy of Science.

    Daniel will be second? year MS student in Robotics in Reading, UK

    Orlin works at the Bulgarian Academy of Science in the Robotics Department.
    Georgi is an applied mathematician and a software entrepreneur, he spoke about his thesis in the field of numerical methods and complex polynomials.

    Alexander is an experienced software developer and an entrepreneur who's a supporter of the AGI, singularity and transhumanism research and trends.

  • Sensorimotor Generalizing Hierarchies

    Ethical Phylosophical issues in AGI/SIGI and transhumanism

    Todor - I presented shortly aspects and principles of the paradigm of sensorimotor generalization that my works and school of thought supports and discussed ethical issues on AGI and transhumanism -- it was a short one and will continue in the following edition.

    There was a lot of informal discussions on the topics...

    ...Thank you all and see you next time!... 

    PS. Colleagues, add your comments, if you wish. I may post a Bulgarian version, too, or if anybody is willing to post such a news anywhere - post a link, please.

    PS2. See also the forum: AGI/SIGI forum  - It's still almost empty of content, but full of categories.


     * The Intel humour is not intended to offend anyone, it's a funny coincidence. Intel is registered trademark in the USA, but "Интел Кооп" (Intelcoop) is apparently also such - in Bulgaria, in Cyrillic. :) I hope one day Intel Co. hosts or sponsors an event of ours... :)

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