Sunday, May 1, 2011


News: Independent Scalable Artificial General Intelligence and Self-Impoving General Intelligence (AGI & SIGI) Tribune & Society - Forum/Magazine/E-zine/"Journal"/Circle

Well, the idea and the reason for it: Official AGI Journal and Independent AGI E-zine.

Declare it "founded". It doesn't need to be formal etc., it's something that exists and has existed anyway, this blog has been one of the tribunes of this society, but coining a name may assist in locating it and taking it more seriously. Whatever. :)

"Founding members" are: Todor Arnaudov and X (As of march 2012, his membership wsa disciplinary suspended for prolonged abuse of other members and sociopathic "god-complex" attitude). The best students attending my AGI courses are also part of this informal circle.

I've just started to publish translations in English of some of the only-in-Bulgarian yet lectures from the courses, starting with:
- Slides on my foundation ideas "[Teenage] Theory of Universe and Mind [Intelligence]" from my youth years, which lead me to recognize the field.
- The lecture on Hutter's and Legg's paper on Machine Intelligence

- Simple presentation about the basic principles of general intelligence.

Oct 2011: Welcome to discuss on the forum of the society:

Update: It doesn't work anymore. May be opened in the future. It seems that some DNS were hacked and point to a forum that doesn't have anything to do with thinking machines...


Edit (13/11/2011): Extensions of the name with Self-Improving General Intelligence (SIGI), resp. Independent Scalable AGI and SIGI Society

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Boris Kazachenko said...

Hot air, Todor.

Todor "Tosh" Arnaudov - Twenkid said...

Hot air may be "worst than nothing", but is better than cold vacuum.