Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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News: Official AGI Journal and Independent AGI E-zine

I've been considering founding a sort of independent journal for AGI, where to give some more "formal" shape of works of Boris Kazachenko, myself and other independent researchers, it might be called just "e-zine". [ It was "formally declared" a month later here. ]

It seems there is an official Journal created already with a solid Editorial Board.

However it got a problem - it's not allowed to submit already published stuff. There are some AGI ideas and suggestions published or shared on-line by independent researchers many years before AGI world conferences have started to be organized (2008), in late 90-ies and the 2000s, such as Boris' ones. They are original, yet probably widely unknown by the official rulers of the field (I don't know for sure, I've noticed just a short on-line dialog between Boris and Ben Goertzel, which has happened some 8 years ago).

Edit: Further, there are a lot of AI-niks who have put on new shoes and have high positions, watching for high "scientific" standards in new publications. Unfortunately in this field being "scientific" often actually means being a very pedantic quoter, and ones who don't have the patience to write half of the paper with citations are not allowed to enter the "high-life" club of being "scientific" - I do emphasize this is about the field of AI, Check out: (heck What's Wrong With NLP [and AI]). AI is not really a science in the sense of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

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