Tuesday, June 20, 2023

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Connor Leahy is Rediscovering the Wheel in AGI 21 Years Later - How AI and AGI were defined? What is AI/AGI?

Todor - an AGI prodigy and author of the world's first university course in Artificial General Intelligence (Plovdiv 2010, 2011) challenges and comments the AI Alignment, AI expert and a modern AI prodigy Connor Leahy's opinions from a debate on Machine Learning Street Talk channel. The summary, GPT4-generated and posted by Tim Scarfe in the Discord channel and the youtube video:    • Debate On AGI: Ex...   What is intelligence? What is Artificial General Intelligence? How it would be created? The Theory of Universe and Mind, The hierarchical prediction, solving complex problems ... TO BE CONTINUED... Other links:
Lectures from the AGI courses 2010, 2011: http://research.twenkid.com/agi/2010/ The syllabus and info about the AGI course in 2010 and a video about it: http://artificial-mind.blogspot.com/2... One of the early AGI blogs (2007-...), continuing one of the oldest AGI and transhumanisms e-zines "The Sacred Computer" where the Theory of Universe and Mind was published between 2001-2004: http://artificial-mind.blogspot.com "The Sacred Computer" and links to the historic publications (below, in Bulgarian) http://eim.twenkid.com "Старата версия, бр.1-31 (2000-2005)" http://eim.twenkid.com/old/ Etc. - additional links from these ones.

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