Sunday, September 12, 2010

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EPOC - Mind Reading Headset | Brain-Computer Interface Gadget

Watch the presentation on Ted: A headset that reads your brainwaves

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Curiously, about a six years ago I was suggested by an AGI researcher I've met then to try to experiment together in EEG-recording and analysis for Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). Unfortunately I lacked motivation to deal with the electronics part, but it is possible to make experiments yourself - if not with mind reading, at least with EEG. In general what you need are:

- Electro-magnetic sensors
- High quality low-noise transistors to amplify the signal
- DAC - Digital-To-Analog-Convertor, connected with or part of a:
- Microcontroller or FPGA kit with an interface to a PC - e.g. USB, designed to fetch the data from DAC and send them to the PC.
- Basic interface software to capture the data.
- Machine learning software to find patterns and correlations in data

At a Caffe Scientifique event months ago I met a Bulgarian researcher affiliated to Bulgarian Academy of Science. He was enthusiastic about experimenting on this field and wanted to try from years, but they've failed to allocate enough time and to get funding, so he's been working in other fields, but he sounded as an expert who knows how to develop the software. Wavelets are current methods for frequency analysis. I'm too busy with a stack of higher priority tasks to join them right now if they manage to start to implement a prototype, but certainly it would be fun to play.

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