Monday, May 19, 2008

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BRUTUS.1 the storytelling machine - preview of my review

BRUTUS is a literary creativity computational architecture, developed by S. Bringsjord and D. Ferrucci. The architecture is even patented. BRUTUS.1 is its implementation.

In brief, I researched about the system and was disappointed to see that actually it is very far from creativity, at least in my view. The book about Brutus fall into endless discussion about first-order logic and questions about "what is betrayal", defined in first-order logic... The example of story generation about betrayal, the promoted expertise of Brutus.1, is one mere story in few variations, and it relies on hand-crafted clauses in Prolog (precisely - Flex).

The authors themselves state that the system does not originate this single story. I think they do not believe in computational creativity, they rely too much on first-order logic and do not believe in evolutionary computational creativity.

There will be a discussion on the approach of BRUTUS.1 in my upcoming review.

Meanwhile I'm also researching MEXICA: A Computer Model of
Creativity in Writing, as defined in the PhD of Rafael Pérez. At first sight it seems more promising.

Suggested Reading:

Todor Arnaudov 2008 - Faults in Turing Test and Lovelace Test. Introduction of Educational Test.

Selmer Bringsjord and David A. Ferrucci 2000, Artificial Intelligence and Literary Creativity (Inside the Mind of BRUTUS)

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