Thursday, April 17, 2008

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TexAI - an open-source knowledge-based software project to create artificial intelligence

TexAI at SourceForge

Texai is an chatbot that intelligently seeks to acquire knowledge and friendly behaviors. Important components include the RDF Entity Manager, the Texai Lexicon, and Incremental Fluid Construction Grammar. The blog url is http:/

The projects aims, stated by Steve Reed on their webpage sound pretty cool... He is brave and confident almostlike when I talk about my projects!

The system is supposed to learn by itself, to learn to code in Java and to self-program and self-enhance!



BTW, I've been thinking about system, which learn how to do programming, too. It will boost the speed of coding big part of which is slow typing or browsing code. This tools will free for us more time for cretivity...

I believe a thinking machine, which is capable to learn to think like a programmer, shouldn't be hard to design.

-Believer... Stop talking... Do it!

Just a second. Let's think rationally... Programming is not really a creative task, if you know what you want to accomplish. The language is formal, the way of searching the solution via debugging, code reviews, manuals or search engines is also formal or seems to be easy for formalization.

"I want to do a cycle", "I want to have a hash table and access it", "I want to create a window with so and so menus"... If a system knows what it want, it would be able to program as fast as a lightning. This is one of my projects, too.

Perhaps creativity actually is also not really creativy, if we know the prerequisites for it to happen, but that's another story.


Back to TexAI - very good links on the site and interesting tools in their sourceforge repository.

I'll stay tuned!

* Their approach reminds me several of my planned for not-so-far future projects. Conversational Agent and Automatic Programming. I have to post the list with Research Directions and Goals I composed few months ago for an amendment of my contract for working as a verification engineer, "an enhanced" version of the list in some of the first posts in this blog.

** BTW, a very important research direction for the success of the researches are Resarch Accelerators... More on this - next time.

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