Monday, August 6, 2012

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News: SIGI-2012-2 | Software | Art | Comic Strip | Sport | Rock Music

Before the SIGI 2012-2 conference, (SIGI 2012, Part 2)

Interest from coorganizers/sponsors

SIGI-AGI-Transhumanism Conference & Festival

Well - there are indications of such from one serious international organization, based in Bulgaria, that is promoting science, research and researchers. My proposals was for combining a conference with a festival, talks and demos for general audience, and they seem to be interested. It will take time to organize it, and perhaps it's gonna be during the 3-rd or 4-rd edition of the conference - I want the community to gain some experience in the conferences anyway.

Interest from the AGI List

In the search of participants, that was one of the places I sent an invite and it seems that there's zero interest from the regular participants in "the only official" AGI email list. I see the list itself is declining and the content is getting more and more disappointing in most of the messages. Inarticulate, high-level blah-blah, people don't learn anything from each other, repeat-repeat-repeat, apparently don't want to collaborate, a lot of them seem to be incapable anyway.


Todor's Twenkid FX Studio, Visual Effects, Video Editor, NLE, Movie Making, Audio Editing, Post-production

I've been practically frozen the film and media making software for long time because of lack of time, lately have revived it and pushing new features. I'm still busy mostly with "pre-essential" stuff, the real effects in prototype and planned mode, because of a lot of "pre-essential" coding and design have also to be done...

The real effects and alpha-beta versions for the first users are approaching, and some crucial movie-making visual effects will be there as early as those versions, and that will be a framework and a basis for some other software projects of mine.

See some demos here or there, and also all my clips/movies (media blog) youtube posted online after October 2010 are edited and composited using that piece of software.
(Sorry the web site is not being updated regularl and there are no specs for the features yet. That page will be made good when the software is published for users.)

Other projects

There are such, some of them big ideas for useful applications from long-long time, waiting their time for implementation and serious work. I won't explain details yet, only that it's AI-AGI-intelligent software. And I may contribute to a partner company's projects.

Art - Comic Strips - Voice Acting

Comic Strip, Voice Acting, Animation, Comedy, Satire
A satirical comic strip that I wrote and sketched about 20 episodes of about 3 years ago... It was postponed until I find time to render it well. I'm pushing myself to draw at least a few episodes to ignite it, so: look forward about it, it's gonna be a satire. I wished to animate it, or at least make some kind of animatics with voice acting, let's see.

The Electric Guitar and Rock Music

Unfortunately I had some time without real practice, but reviving that fun. Not really trying to find the guys and girls for my band yet, but it will happen when I really push it... :) The later - the better guitarists I'm supposed to get, but better I don't postpone it too much further! I wished I played also the drums, I would have done if I had a drum set, I can't justify spending that amount for a toy for pure fun for now, though. :)) And it would have to be electronic as of now, which would be less fun... :) Well, the drum-machine is of course a part of the movie-making software of mine (yet not implemented), I may have to get satisfied by it for now for my demo performances...  

Words: After effects

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