Friday, May 17, 2019

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Call for Co-founders of an R&D startup in AGI & Code Synthesis

Last update: 21.6.2019

I am looking for partners for creating a Code Synthesis and Artificial General Intelligence R&D company. Short term goals and domains include Computer Vision, Generative-Analytical Meta-Systems Research and Development, Code Synthesis, Automatic Software Development and Grounded Interactive Sensori-Motor 
Machine Learning and Programming.

The AGI methods as of current plan would include realization of the general directions of the theory I've proposed in my early works and the world's first University course in AGI, which conceptually is related to CogAlg and at high level also to the so called "Memory-prediction framework" and the "Hierarchical Temporal Memory", as well as the so called "Active Inference".

In short, a hierarchical sensori-motor predictive simulation of virtual universes, created and adjusted by interactive exploration of the world (input space).

I also plan to specify and apply in practice my yet undisclosed observations and generalizations in the domains of Developmental Psychology and Theory of intelligence/knowledge/learning, assisted by interdisciplinary studies and multi-domain creative activities. This body of insights is growing on-the-go as well.

Another short-term target is analysis, modeling and accelerated and high-performance development of "CogAlg", a project to which I've been a contributor, because its core ideas of incremental predictive modeling resembled the ideas of my own theory. Currently the official version of this algorithm is progressing slowly and it's developed in Python.


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  • 24.5.2019: Lately I've been working on a high performance implementation and testing ideas from CogAlg.
  • 9.6.2019: Implementation of basic blob formation and display. Work in progress, but with interactivity.
  • 21.6.2019: Frame-Blob stage debugged, C++.

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