Thursday, February 9, 2017

Funny Deep Learning Image Captioning - Sentence Generation

a baby laying on a bed with a stuffed bear

a bowl of fruit is sitting on a table

a group of elephants walking across a dirt road

a cat sitting on a window sill looking out the window

a bunch of bananas are on a table

a man sitting on a couch with a laptop and a laptop

a man is playing tennis on a tennis court

a woman sitting on a couch with a laptop

a woman is standing in front of a store

Too many of them.

It seems the authors like skateboard, frisbees, giraffes and bananas.
Cats and dogs are common.

It's disappointing how the pattern of word-mappings gets transparent.

Schemes like:

"on the couch"
"on the table"
"down the slope"
"on the rode"

Also "with a * and a **" (thus "with a laptop and a laptop")

Monday, December 26, 2016

Contra in Hackafe | Контра в Хакафе Пловдив | Premiere - Премиера


That's my new short-film, where I'm a writer, director, actor, "make-up artist", "production designer", music composer and performer*, editor, animator, developer of the software for editing, ... and whatever.

Contra (the name may adjust) is my new nickname, it's also an introduction of my new channel  "Hackerboy", I plan to create something like a "video log" regarding hacker's and hackerspace experience, however I guess it will be an "artistic one".


There was a pre-premiere during Hackafe's New Year's party on 22.12.2016 in front of about 35-40 people. The audience laughed. :)

It's a 3-minute low (no) budget movie, one-man show, but if you like video games,  particular classic shooter, costume play (cosplay) and my acting, it's fun.

I'm looking for partners to join me - I want to create more sophisticated sequels, that's an introduction.

To be continued...

* Most of the music is inspired or interpreting/variating motives from the music from the NES version of "Contra", there's also a simple "original" progression in the beginning.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Леко земетресение в Пловдив на 19/11/2016 г. ? Около 1:22 ч?

? Усетихте ли го?

Или си въобразявам?

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hackafe - Plovdiv's Hackerspace... CosPlay fun and a future short-film as Contra


На български виж в блога на Twenkid Studio

These are a few shots from the "after-shot" of a short action-fantasy-fan-CosPlay movie at Hackafe - the Plovdiv's hackerspace and co-working space.


I participated with that outfit at Plovdiv's "Night of the museums and the galleries" on 24-th of September - where I welcomed the visitors. I was without the make-up, though. ;)

Following - more pictures and the movie itself, when I manage to edit and post-process it...

I proposed to organize a Cosplay event at Hackafe, but it's still an idea.


Thanks to Rangel, "Hackafe", Konami and to my ... inspiration. ;)

Keywords: soldier, warrior's orders, uniform, Contra, Super Contra, Contra Hardcorpse, Cosplay Party, 8-bit, console, Nintendo, NES, 8-bit video games, emulators, arcade machine, controller, joypad, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Bulgarian cosplay actors, Tosh, Twenkid,Twenkid Studio, Тодор Арнаудов

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

AGI Start-ups, AGI Researchers and Research Institutes List - Vicarious, DeepMind, Numenta, AdaptiveAI, DiffBot, OpenCog, Baidu ...

"Strategic" resumes for anyone in this area who wants to watch and check what the competition in the AI/AGI race is doing. The list is to be continued, extended with the many research institutes in Universities, individual interesting researchers/philosophers etc., and presented better, maybe in a dedicated web site. Please add comments to include your team or project. Mistakes and outdated info are possible, the list is given "As is", please check the respective sources for confirmation.

CompanyAreas and topicsPeople (and ex-)
NumentaHTM, GROK, Cognitive Computing, Neural Computing, Neocortex-simulationJeff Hawkins
DeepMind (Google)Reinforcement Learnng (Atari 2600 player), Deep LearningShane Legg, ...
VicariusMental simulaiton, imagination, generative models, neural learning, cognitive computing,neocortex functional simulation. Solved "Captcha", but didn't sell a product yet.Dileep George (ex. Numenta), Scott Phoenix
BaiduDeep Learning, Image Recognition, Speech recognition, Recommendation, ...Andrew Ng
AdaptiveAIIntelligent Assistants, Phone-answering interactive systems, ...
DiffBotIntelligent crawlers/data mining/information extraction; browser-simulation with computer-vision-assisted analysis and search
FacebookDeep Learning, face recogniton, ...Le Con
StanfordTradition in Computer Vision since 70-ies, Self-driving cars, Deep Learning
MicrosoftDeep Learning, Speech Recognition, Computer Vision, ...
OpenCogOpen source, Cognitive Architecture, ...Ben Goertzel
LEVAN (Learn everything about anything)Computer vision, Visual learning, NLP, Crawler, studies from web
Hyperscience"Artificial intelligence for the enterprise", currently "in stealth" Located in NY and Sofia.
CognitiveAlgorithmNon-neuromorphic Deep Learning, Hierarchical Pattern Discovery, Incremental on-line learningBoris Kazachenko, "Open project"
Twenkid ResearchAGI, V*****, Z***** (Seed AI), Ethics, Philosophy, Language, Developmental Psychology, "Stealth"Todor Arnaudov
...Developmental robotics...

Last updated: 29.06.2016

Sunday, May 22, 2016

"Eat, sleep, code, repeat" - the funny and misunderstood plagiarism of "Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat" from the fitness/body-building/weight-lifting context | Коментар на български за неуместната употреба на превъзнесени лозунги и възгласи. Сериозно - как да постигнем мускулен растеж?

Коментар на Тош относно:

“Eat, sleep, code, repeat” is such bullshit"

Despite the hype, programming is not an all or nothing endeavor

Наистина, това е нелепо преписване на фитнесджийския лозунг: "Eat. Sleep. Train. Repeat." (Яж. Спи. Тренирай. Повтори.) на Google I/O 2016.

В първичния си обслов обаче съветите са верни и описват основните правила за постигане на мускулен растеж:
1. Да се храниш достатъчно добре - еди-колко си грама белтъчини, повече калории от базовото енергийно ниво, витамини и т.н.

2. Да се наспиваш и, по-общо, да си почиваш - да не претренираш и да не прекаляваш с тренировки. Хормоните "на растежа" (и тестостерон) се синтезират по време на сън, а мускулите растат по време на почивка. Това е приложимо и за умствените дейности.

3. Без тренировки - претоварване на мускулите, - няма растеж. Колкото и да ядеш и да спиш, трябва и да работиш. "По цял ден" обаче не важи в спорта. Самите тренировки могат да са съвсем кратки, дори и само по 10-20 минути, стига да са с висока интензивност - например набирания и кофички до отказ (със собствено тегло или с допълнителна тежест) и спринтове, скокове, скачане на въже.

Не е нужно (и не е възможно) да вдигаш интензивно тежести по 8 ч на ден, освен с помощта на анаболни стероиди.

4. Бъди упорит, защото няма да постигнеш резултати за един ден или за седмица.

Ако се възприеме не толкова буквално и "по програмистки" колкото го е сторил авторът на цитираната статия - правилата всъщност важат и за умствените дейности, те трябва да се извършват с почивки и с разнообразие, за да са производителни и за да не бъде животът еднообразен.


Превзетите лозунги

Колкото до превъзнасянето и превзетите лозунги ("the hype") бих казал, че не се среща често само в "техническите среди". Тази зараза е навсякъде от памтивека: в рекламите, в политиката, в културата, в религиите, в "кариерата", в клишетата, в слабата литература, в слабите текстове на песните и посредствените филми и т.н.


Понякога си мисля - може би на "рекламистите", "копирайтърите", политиците, "връзкаритесобществеността-тниците", PR-аджиите, пресаташета и пр. им се иска лозунгите да имат по-голям ефект, отколкото реално оказват.

В едното ухо влиза, от другото излиза. На една фланелка се изписват, и на някоя стена във фейсбук се споделя.


Думи: Фитнес и растеж на мускули. Мускулна маса. Зала и тренировки. Уличен фитнес с лостове, набиране, клекове, бицепсно сгъване, pull-up набиране, кофички, chin-up, повдигане на крака. Висока интензивност, HIIT - high intensity interval training, високоинтензивна тренировка. Фитнес съвети. Качване на маса. Как да кача маса. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

On Computer vision Visualisation and the limitations of human imagination and vision displayed in these renderings, and how it should be in a better thinking machine's vision visualisation - "The Terminator" film franchise/series as an example

Comment by Todor Arnaudov, inspired by/on:

I'm a fan of the Terminator and liked the article, but I'd challenge the statement in the introduction that the displays in the movie are:
"how the robots would potentially see the world"

I think it's rather how HUMANS imagine that they themselves would see the world with added "computerese", " coders' ", " programmers' " decorations on the screen/view, like pilot's screen, computer simulations screen etc.

It's a style to show "computer stuff" to no-computer literate/experts, especially in T1 and T2.*

We are limited with one "screen", the final one, the integration of the two retinas, but machines are not.

In my opinion a more adequate representation would be a huge set of images (screens), virtually unlimited, displayinga gradual coverage of different kinds and depths of image processing, analysis and understanding. The will-part (what you want, search for, find) is in additional layers.

It cannot be perceived in-full in real time by a human, but in a future kind of interactive or multi-screen/explorative/educational/deep films it could be explored, in a space like the following:

1. Raw input, normal vision

2. Set of simple image processings (contrast, gamma, posterize/levels, ...) - different slices of the visual spectrum. The reddish view is one of it.

3. More complex - lines, blobs, contours, ...

4. Sets of templates for matching when searching. That's like the content of the executive function's top-down attention, consciousness. The templates on their own could cover a lot of screens with different representations - visual in full-colors and lighting, wireframe, gradient depth-views, different conditions, 3D-coordinates, different angles for complex and assymetric objects, similarities with others, taxonomies/classes etc., animated/rotating, zoom-in-out, different sizes.

5. 3D-reconstructed scenes, different views, distances to/between objects, sizes ... Dimensionally-reduced 2D views of the reconstructed 3D scene like in a 3D-editors: XY, XZ, YZ.

6. Connections between images - graphs, networks, sequences of flashing of different images; displaying the path of thought, search etc.

7. Paths, trajectories - past, taken, projected, predicted (correctly, wrongly); own-paths, trajectories of intended motions and transformations in the environment, sequences of planned actions, ...

8. Graphs (networks), trees, block-diagrams; blinking, different colors, different-shapes - expressing different concepts, relations, distances (ranges of distances) etc.

9. Etc.

10. The machine could see the numeric views/intentions as code, captions, indication of the will with specific symbols (instead of images), textual descriptions etc. without vision/screen, without all these text "blots" on the video that we, humans, need with our limited sensory input and processing capabilities.

For the machine they are at different layers, it could perceive all or switch attention between selected ones. There could b

However, similarly we humans do also see a lot of "numbers" without "dirtying" and overloading the "screen". We do "feel" them and express that in our actions, such as we display that we know the precise spatial coordinates of the objects and our hands by applying correct motions for grasping the objects, kicking a ball; when playing a musical instrument, improvising by ear, and applying the right sequence of motions with the right speed etc. We do "see" the numbers, but "intuitively", without a need to read them as high-level abstract symbols and translate them into motion vectors.

Etc. -- go on and synthesize more continuations and unfolds of the ideas and directions given above.

* See a follow-up article on touch-screen GUI incovenience

PS1. I'd like to note also that the code in T1 is 6502 assembly listings (Apple II, NES, ...). There's a caption about 16K memory bank switching, so it's maybe does bank-switching and had more than 64 KB RAM... :)

PS2. Regarding the choice of the sayings with the hilarious "FUC* you, as*hole" line - the author is right that it could be more dynamic, for example by displaying initial *search process*, exploration of possibilities and with a more dynamic graphics (it could be done in a remake of similar conditions, maybe).

The limited amount of options could be the final choices, the most appropriate for the situation and what the Terminator wanted.

The search is already done "subconsiously" and that's what the executive functions are provided with, in order to select an option from - the executive functions of human viewers, too.

Human persons with similar "profile" - e.g. "contract killers" or cowboys or typical "criminals" in the millenia of gangster movies - would also have a limited set of expressions for similar conditions.

And in general if you asked a multitude of people with similar personalities, experience, capabilities, knowledge etc. for the most appropriate answers in this-or-that situation, you'll get the same answers and the same lack of imagination (especially if they are asked to give *the most appropriate* ones in order to achieve certain goal, or to send a specific message).

The Terminator didn't want to engage in a conversation, he didn't want to open the door and be seen etc., so to me the lines are adequate.

PS3. I agree about the coolness of the OCR in T1, the scene where the Terminator reads the hand-written phone number. The scene with his fingers pointing the numbers in the phone-boot is silly, though; unless that's a deliberate non-functional design; just posing, intended to make the machine look more human for the potential humans around - and for the viewers of the movie, too. (From cinematographer's/director's point of view, obviously that's literaly for "pointing" the attention of the cyborg.)

PS4. This discussion is too verbose? I like/intend to give precise explanation of why I think so and so, what made me think so etc. That's the path of thought. And indeed, a comment on another article - see a follow-up article on Spaghetti code.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Brain Training - new Commercial Slogans for simulation, simulators, data analysis, data science, sports practise, training, self-improvement, exercise, learning, thinking, observing, concentration etc. which are all "brain training"

A comment of mine on the topic of the marketing of the so called "Brain training" after an article at "Horizon Magazine"

This edition is a slightly extended version of the one I left there.

Neuroscience terminology applied to make simulation technologies more marketable?
That is putting of the neuroscience/Broadmann-areas-maps etc. terms' into otherwise obvious stuff.

Every activity, involving brain, is "brain training", especially when top-down processing is in charge, when the executive functions are actively searching for best solutions or are pushing the cognition to its limits - thinking about new, different, better decisions.

Thus, the players practising kicks and shots to a goal keeper, passes (circles, triangles), technique exercises - juggling with a ball (soccer players); tennis or modern dance - speed, balance, full-body coordination and eye-body-limbs-to-ball coordination and synchronization, speed of own body and the target estimation and precision of the estimation, anticipiation of future plans and actions - etc. etc.... are performing "brain training".

In all such exercises they are doing "brain training" and are improving the "brain zones involved in these activities" etc., that's what practise is for.

For example you train for fine motor-control of the feed and legs with a ball by free-style juggling. Also, if you do possess good technique, agility, speed of reaction, precision of the force, direction and trajectory of motions etc. that shows in your "automatic" ability to keep the ball from touching the ground, in precise shots to the goal, precise short or long-distane passes etc.

Muscles training is different
The muscles need to contract and to get challenged in order to grow and to develop endurance, the brain also need to "contract" and to be stimulated, in order to learn coordination and planning, but the real world activities give these stimulations already, packed together.

Simulatons and simulators
For pilots, drivers etc., besides the real world "full-brain" field-training, there are *simulations*, *simulators* and slow, offline observations and analysis of records - for example of car or aircraft incidents and other disasters.

Drivers and pilots, also soccer players, the coaches and the analysers of all sports go through such videos, data logs etc. in order to understand, to learn, to be prepared, to replay the settings in the following practice session, to try it etc.

Therefore special technologies offering magical boosts are not needed for that, unlike with the fitness and body-building training requiring specific muscle activations, unless if these novel technologies are presented as improved *simulators* and analysers (that is - not that revolutionary as advertised), for fun (another simulator, game, fun), or just for making money - if you're smarter than your customers and you want and can make money out of their desire to be "fancy" and "modern".

Another application would be if you aim at injecting electrodes in the brain or to apply magnetic-field stimulation etc. which could really make a difference, because it could significantly change or boost the specific neural activity in a different, non-conventional way.

However in sports that'd be a kind of "brain doping" and yet another money-making nonsense.

Why nonsense?

Because machines and simulations will always be better than humans. They could be perfect, and "improving humans" in order to be "better sportsman", to achieve higher results (no matter how) is a bit like hiring strong men to dig holes, instead of just using a mechanical excavator.
If you aim for "perfect" or "best" - you just remove the humans from the equation.

The flesh-and-blood players could be replaced with computer simulations.
The viewers should watch them like watching or playing the computer games of "PES" or "FIFA".

The simulated players could play perfectly, they could kick the ball with the exact speed, direction, top-spin, lateral-spin and timing, up to 0.00000001 seconds and 0.00006 Nm/s.

The different players could synchronize their tactical directions and behavior so precisely and masterfully, like if the humans had telepathy capabilities and could reason and make projections in the future at a 1000 times higher rate than in ordinary settings etc.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Тошко 2.070 - дистанционно управление, уеб сървис, инструменти за настройка на езиковите обработки от потребителя и др. | Toshko 2.070 News Remote Control and Web Service SaaS


Тошко 2.070 - анонс, новини, очаквайте

Предстои излизането на нова версия, в която ще има управление на говора от външни програми и извикване чрез уеб услуга. Последното - засега с някои ограничения.

Така "Тошко 2" ще може да се използва от трети програми, за които синтезаторът ще изпраща изговорени записи като данни, SaS, софтуер като услуга.

С дистанционното управление ще започна да изнасям езикови обработки от ядрото на системата, което е на С++, във външни подсистеми, написани на по-гъвкави езици като Python, Java и C#, може би ще има и сървърна версия на PHP.

Тези външни модули ще могат да бъдат разширявани и редактирани от потребителите и други разработчици и системата ще стане отчасти с отворен код*.

И др.


Може би около 1/5/2016 г. или седмицата след това.


* Ще измисля точния - не че има особено значение. Може би вид "Creative Commons" с няои изменения, може би LGPL с изменения и с подкана за дарения. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

AI Ethics | AGI Ethics and the ethics of the "emperors"' opinion about the danger of the thinking machines for the "survival of humanity"

An answer to: Business Accelerated  - Meet Amelia, the AI Platform That Could Change the Future of IT:

English international ethics

Just to mention how pathetic and inappropriately it sounds when an English professor in physics, sorry for being cynical - a bit caricaturically looking - is  cited as a "guru" who predicts and warns the world how dangerous AI is for the "future of humanity"... When his fellow "great" country England has conquered and robbed 1/4 of the world, starting from making their neighbour people slaves - the Irish and the others around. And they renamed their state "GREAT BRITAIN" - it's "Great England", mates and it's ridiculous when a country calls its own self "great".

England was a threat for the "future of humanity", but we survived, even though we were hurt in many ways, for example by the English language - that ambiguous and morphologically primitive "lingua franca" that everybody is forced to speak today...

US international ethics

Similraly pathetic is when US scientists, engineers or enterpreneurs, usually not in the AI, like one electric-car enterpreneur make their guru-sayings and warn "the humanity".

Why don't you say something about your fellow humans in your own fellow countries who "protect the world".

The sources say that the US army has nearly 900 military bases around the world, and military personnel in 130 nations (data is circa 2011, as of the cited source, see below). All know about the NATO and USA military interventions around the world.

Everybody knows the political obviousness that NATO is an American military institution and the EU is technically  an US overseas base.

What about the USA + England + EU  nuclear weapons potential?* That includes France, Germany - tha latter is not an independent country, BTW, it's USA protectorate since World War 2, assisted by France and England that also have military bases in Germany for the last 70 years.

These military forces serve for PEACE, aren't they!?

These civilized militaries kill only aboriginal people, only Afghan, Libyan, Iraqi etc. - or other "proven" to be terrorists!!! Including the millions children and civilians.

Historically the Africans, Indians (both in Asia and in America), Australian, Arabic, Asians, ... had a similar fate.

Well, but "the humanity" as a "race" survives! So these wars do not threaten "our" (THEIRS) survival, they are "ethical" - for democracy, for freedom!!!!

We (they) live in a beautiful world!!!!


Message to the "ethical" US and English scientific and engineering pseudo-gurus

Overall, dear USA and English scientists, please, keep your pretentious "expertise" in your narrow sciences. Do keep solving equations or exhausting combinations (one of the aspects of "research") or "solve problems" - these are fields where you are good, but computers also do since they were invented.

You are politically and socially infantile though.

Your "ethics" is "unethical" and insulting to the rest of humanity, which is not yet tamed and "educated" by your ideology, or which is just among the ones who are serving you, as the poor countries which are and would remain poor, as long as they are paid cents for making hundreds of dollars profits for their overseas "ethical" and "civilized" owners.

Your political leaders do not have a clue about HUMAN ethics and HUMAN-relations out of the list of violent and master-slave ones such as:

- Conquer
- Enslave
- Exploit
- Believe that you are "God", you can do whatever you want with the people of the other countries (English "bug" - there's no plural for "народ", folk, as Bulgarians, Germans, Russians; "nation" is different, Bulgarians were Bulgarians without having a nation state, etc.)
- etc.

English-USA political psychology as of the one of any imperial countries like the West European ones (France, Spain and Portugal in the past, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, ...) is suffering  a  hypertrophied feeling of superiority over the "aborigenes" around the world.

Their political international ideology is of the MASTER-and-the-SLAVE.

They are the "masters", the others, according to their believes, are supposed to be the "slaves" and the must obey - see how the TTIP and the related international "contracts" are prepared and going and what's the amount of public discussion, mutual agreements and mutual interest (unlike master-slave unquestionable intrest)).

Asimov's ridiculous, if taken literally, "laws of robotics", are laws of a naive "master" who's inferior than the "slave", but his "ethics", "moral" is even lower.

The even earlier classics "RUR" of Chapek is another illustration of the "ethics" of the masters who treat everybody else as instruments and slaves, including the people who are not from the masters castes.


So, English and US scientists - where were you when your imperialistic political leaders enslaved or conquered the other countries or made them dependent and not-free?

Where were you to give your pretentious authority bullshit speeches when the rest of the world needed you???


Guys, you, the sick "MASTERS of the world", you are not "the humanity" and you are not the "voice of humanity".

The exploiters of the world, the ones who believe that all nations and people around the world "owe" them to SERVE them, because you they are the "superior" ones or because they are more  "civilized" or something...

The world knows, that actually you just have bigger guns, you are more aggressive and "less-ethical", your political believe is that killing, threatening and robbing the other people is "free" for you, because you are "higher" etc.

Let's pray to God that it's not you who define the "machine ethics" - and that there's not one only "ethics" (i.e. a TOTALITARIAN rule that you set).

Let's hope that you won't define AI's ethics, because in your hands its endangered to be naive, blind, totalitarian, one-directional and egocentrical to your own profit that makes the other people your slaves.


* Not that the ENG and US are the only countries/political and military authorities who "threaten the future of humanity" and not that they are the only ones which are dangerous for the "survival of the human kind"... Quotes due to the pretentiousness of these "guru sayings", like coming from a Hollywood "blockbuster" apocalyptic bullshit movie, made like for mentally-retarded viewers or for children below 11 years of age.


SourcesBusiness Accelerated  - Meet Amelia, the AI Platform That Could Change the Future of IT:

"number of US military bases in the world"

Words: AGI ethics, AI ethics, ... етика на мислещата машина, мислещи машини, ...

See also from Todor Arnaudov:

"Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Discussion on General Intelligence, AGI and Superintelligence Safety and Human Moral | Cognitive Origins of the Concepts of Human Soul and its (...) ", 20-th of February 2012

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Тошко 2.060 върви и под Линукс - тествано под Wine 1.7.50 | "Тошко 2" - синтезатор на реч за Windows и Linux

Говорещата програма "Тошко 2.060 алфа" върви и под Linux, всичко работеше под Knoppix 7.6 x64 с Wine 1.7.50.

Има козметични дефекти и надписите на долните настройки са на "маймуница", но съществената част работи гладко.

Сайт на програмата

Козметичните дефекти под емулатора "Wine" не пречат на говоренето

Думи: Линукс, Linux, Кнопикс, "Тошко 2" - безплатен синтезатор на реч за Windows и Linux