Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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Human-Computer Interface Accelerators, Research Accelerators and other Strategic Researches

A still from the first episode of my new comedy series, called "The lectures of professor Matematikov" - starring, written, directed, edited and everything - me.

The film is still being projected only privately to a limited public, but a trailer may be available soon.

Very busy and tired recently... Working on films, busy at work etc....

There will be news about my emerging indipendent film studio, for the first time in English as well. The studio has working title "Twenkid" - after the name of the word I created recently - or simply "The Film Studio of Tosh" or "Twenkid, aka The [Film] Studio of Tosh".

However, let me focus for a second on a bit of research stuff... Since an year I don't really have time to do real deep researches, I'm just unable to concentrate on it after work and all other things, but this may change.

Some of the important researches I want to conduct are the following:

-- Human-Computer Interface Accelerators
-- Intelligent Operating System

We're wasting so much time in typing, clicking and doing routine tasks by GUI. This is very important, it should be automated and accelerated and we/I will have more time for the creative stuff.

This direction includes typing and editing of text and intelligent operating environments which will be able to automate and predict human-interactions.

-- Research Accelerators
-- Reading and Understanding Accelerators

This direction includes the above, but in brief it will add intelligent ways of user-driven search, classifying, information extraction and automated predictive searches.
Here also come tools for speeding up reading and general cognition.

-- Language Learning Accelerators / Language Learning Tools

Recently I was in Poland, at IMCSIT 2008, and also in the city of Lodz, where I met Polish students who study Bulgarian. I also wanted to learn some Polish.... And not only Polish.

So it would be useful to have tools to help you doing this. Actually "Smarty", the reason I was in Poland is sort of language-learning tool, but it's intelligence is too weak.

-- Forever Young, Preventing aging, and Artificial Intelligence

Yeah, I'm not absolutely serious. :) But I don't like aging. Who does? But in near future I don't plan to deep into biology and stuff :), my strategy here is the creation of Artificial Intelligence, which will help us to create appropriate biological technologies.

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