Saturday, October 18, 2008

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Going to IMCSIT 2008 in Poland

It is going to be a journey because of the comprehension assistant framework of Smarty:

...but actually not only because of it, and not only to the conference.

It's going to be an adventure in the unknown.. But not only to the unknown...

Well, I'm leaving on Sunday, still not ready. :)


After the conference

It was pretty cool both on the conference and the other part.
Wisla is wonderful place in the mountain, and the weather was perfect. In Lodz and Warszaw also there were nice places to see.

Just watch my photo story and you will see for yourself:

Missing you

Few of the art photos:

I was prepared also to do some filmmaking, and thanks to the sunny weather and the place, I did manage to shoot a sequence to be included in my short film which is being in production:
"The Gift".

Frames from "The Gift", shot in the town of Wisla

Photography and Filmmaking part were fun... But it was true also forthe scientific part, because after all, I'm a researcher and I went to Poland as an independent researcher, not as an independent filmmaker...

I am a... Scientist?!

The conference was very well organized and I think the location Wisla was excellent, a beautiful place.
Initially I thought that the 9 hours by train from Warszaw with two changes would be one of the hard adventures, but it worths it. And advertures and challenges are cool.
As Marcin Paprzycki said, this was a "test for polishness". :)

Golebiewski Hotel, where the conference happened, was impressive outside and inside.

I liked that the conference was multi-conference - AI, Agents, Real Time Software, Computational Linguistics, Security and few more.

Mike Hinchey's key note about NASA's current projects was real fun, he is a great presentor. I would cheer also Marcin Paprzycki for his acting performance.

Finally I'd like to thank the chair Maria Ganzha and Computational Linguistics workshop organizer - Krzystof Jassem, because without their efforts, I wouldn't have been at the conference.

And now, it is time to give me the Oscar! (Applause) :-D
Sorry... I should had been just a scientist here...


Oh, and there was a photo contest at the conference... But I didn't notice it - I didn't realize I can participate. You see... I'm so sad about that... :-( ;-)

See you next year, I hope
- for a revenge...

My paper:

"Teaser" of this article:

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