Friday, March 7, 2008

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Are the skills related to fast guitar playing related to the genes for fast running?

Ideas for electric guitar players researchers which are in my mind and waiting for data to analyze...

Ideas for jugglers researchers, too...


- Is the potential maximum speed of muscles in the hands related to potential maximum speed of the legs?

- What were the sprint skills of a typical electric guitar shredder when he was young?

- What is the average height of fast shredders?

- What are the hand sizes of typical guitarists?

I'm curious about the answers of these and others related questions, especially about the question about the speed of running and the potential speed of playing.

Perhaps there are researches in musician anatomy, muscles, joints, reflexes etc... Need data. There should be something special in the virtuoso, which is missing in the regular player.

I've got statistics only about me myself. My guitar skills are still being actively in development tough. I hope that my running speed when I was a boy is something I can rely on as a genetic implication that my hands have potential to get as fast as I need to have fun. :)

Do you know any guitar player with so and so abilities, and his personal bests in 60 m, 100 m, 200 m, or how many steps per second is he doing in a 100 m dash run, or anything related? Let me know...


The same research questions goes for jugglers...

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