Saturday, July 8, 2023

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SIGI 2023 - Second "conference" of the "Society" of Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary AGI/SIGI Researchers SIGI-2023 - Invitation

The details will depend on the partners and participants. Check the original 2012 "conference" which funnily happened at a hotel called "Intel Coop", LOL (Almost Intel Corp.)

As of my participation, probably the event would be related to my enormous book "The prophets of the Thinking Machines ..."  (it will already surpass 1500 pages), which is summarizing and proving how my teenage "Theory of Universe and Mind" was decades ahead of the current "ground breaking" interdisciplinary theories which discover or interpret the Universe as aencial/agent, all about prediction, see the repo: 

Perhaps I will present also the project "Jack of All Trades" or Vsy, an AGI infrastructure, for which I'm looking for partners.

There will be chapter on robotics and drones, as the SIGI-2012 where Svetlin and Daniel presented ROS and OpenCV and our spiritual leader, from a distance, was Dr. Peter Kormushev, morally supporting us. :)


Let's see who will join.

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