Saturday, October 28, 2023

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Contributing to a Robotics Startup, Universe and Mind 6 and Theory of Universe and Mind and Calisthenics - update 10.2023

Hi guys, visitors of my "Universal man's and AI/AGI journey"! A lot of things are going on, but I've been too busy to blog about it.

One activity was that I contributed to a robotics, drone-related "garage startup", it was a hard core intensive "exercise", but I left after I helped securing a first investment by an individual investor and happy early customers. A stupid moment to quit, right? Well, unfortunately many things were not quite right since the beginning, to be delicate; they were quite wrong and not as they were supposed to be, besides neglecting my own research and projects.

I've been preparing a huge book about my pioneering work and comparisons with still "new" top research which is replicating the theory, structure, claims and reasoning from my early 2000s writings, collectively called "Theory of Universe and Mind".   (For example the core claims and ideas from "Free energy principle/Active inference" by Karl Friston and his students such as Maxwell Ramstead and other related work from that school by Andy Clark etc. More about that - in the link of the TOUM and in the book

I worked on a new major piece from the theory, called "Universe and Mind 6" which is  also discussing some related works. It gained a lot of volume quickly during the Spring, it could be published then, but it went  on hold due to my business with the start-up and because I had a few more ideas which were popping up, but I didn't have time to elaborate, while I've been discovering new related theories etc.


The experience with that company seeded a new plant/thread in "Jack of All Trades" project - 
Autonomous vehicles, navigation for drones and mobile robots in simulations and real world. I am open for collaboration in this domain - see more info about my current skill in my Linkedin account or contact me. I may publish a demo later.

A "mini-conference" is in prepratation: SIGI-2023 (or 2024), the second mini-"conference":


In the meantime, lately I'm improving my strength with ring dips and kettlebells. 

Check my Youtube channel which currently has a hit having whopping ~ 250 views per day, LOL. 

Cheers while hanging on the rings, LOL.

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