Friday, February 15, 2013

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Android Development. The Latest Patent from Apple and Patents in General| Андроид Нов патент от Епъл ... Патентни глупости

Now I'm part of that community, too after a few days of hacking, with my first simple, but fully functional app. :)

Yet another distraction from the hardcore stuff and the other projects :X, like delaying the first release of "Toshko 2" with a week (at least), but that's the situation for now, mobile market is part of the big picture, until I get *the team* or funding like that on the snapshot, I'm stuck into making miracles from scratch. (I need a research institute + film/media/publishing house production companies in order to realize all the projects and ideas... :X)

I'm running fast trhough Android, would have been even faster with a faster emulator. :X

My opinions on ridiculous patents in general and how wrong and obsolete the system is will go in the major work and the so called "digests"... :X It has to do with domain-blindness and fake "radical" novelty, "contributions to the art", and pseudo non-trivial stuff...

I shared opinions in the AGIRI AGI list some time ago, if anyone cares to digg.

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  • Thanks to J. for suggesting me to finally start hacking! :)
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