Thursday, March 4, 2010

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Video editor/Visual Effects/CGI software - in progress | Разработвам свой видеоредактор с възможности за специални визуални ефекти

An experiment from 2005. A combination of two videos with masks for the intersections.

The video editor/NLE/computer graphics environment I'm developing has no name yet and is getting its basic capabilities yet - opening video file, rendering 3D-graphics, postprocessing video, outputting to file. It's supposed to serve at least for the visual special effects needed for my fantasy short film "The Gift".

I've been waking up my old-old passion for computer graphics, started as early as 90-ies. :) Smooth bit-mapped animation at 35+ fps, wire-frame 3D and a bit of texture-mapping on an 1.018 MHz Apple][ clone Pravetz-8M... There was even an animatronic/animation science-fiction movie partially done, with some music and test audio recordings. :)


Работя по свой видеоредактор/среда за компютърна графика/визуални ефекти. Все още в съвсем ранна фаза. Би трябвало да послужи за специалните ефекти на "Подарък".

"Trigonometric-3D" - I would call it "ellipse perspective transformation", my own invention from 1999 on a Pravetz-8M (Apple II clone).

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