Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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The Gift, Visual Effects, Downhill Bikers, Speed Metal and Acting

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The Gift - A Dream (teaser trailer #1)

Подарък - Сън на Тош (тийзър трейлър 1) from Todor Arnaudov on Vimeo.

This is the first teaser trailer of my short film "The Gift" (A Dream), includes moment from "the making" of it.
What I'm saying means:  I was late... When I just arrived up here, the sunset was still visible and there was a beautiful red light. A moment later - everything went dark...
Genre: Experimental, Symbolic, Fantasy, "Dressed Erotics", Erotics, Thriller,  Drama, Animation, Modern Dance

It's an ultimate author film, inspired by my own love poetry, characters inspired by a two-part novel of mine, called "Ada" and "Raya". Music is composed and performed also by me in mid-2009, it was a test one. Shots in this teaser are done in late 2008 and very early 2009, but are shown as late as February 2010. Work on the movie was frozen, there are some complex scenes to be shot and/or composited with some CGI.

Twenkid FX

The other important character in the film, a beatuful woman, is not visible here. Her and the movie as a whole require some visual effects, and I'm working on a custom Video Editing/Compositing/Visual Effects software, it's called Twenkid FX.  "The Gift" will not look like "Transformers", the effects will not be zillions of polygons etc. - simple, but beautiful and artistic, combined with appropriate artistic shots.

The software is in an early stage of development yet, I'm designing it. For now it provides basic compositing.

Effects done on frames from "The Wedding" (short film)

Some planned/desired features sounds like:

- Complex matte painting with static and animated masks
- Manual, semi-automatic and intelligent motion tracking and motion compensation
- Particle effects system 
- Ligh/Lightning/Space rendering effects 
- Intelligent color correction/color matching 
Maybe also some forms of motion capture, related to motion tracking/compensation, they all may assist rotoscoping - turning video to animation/masks.

Mini DownHill in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Mini MTB DownHill in Plovdiv - Спускане МТБ даунхил в Пловдив from Todor Arnaudov on Vimeo.

Sorry for that horrible compression, the motion seems too much for Vimeo.

Camera, Editor, Electric guitar player:  me

Download High Quality
Download The Music Track


More on this - later.  ;)


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