Thursday, August 21, 2008

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The Moskvitch Driver (The Looser) | Шофьорът на москвич (Нещастникът)

Пробна сцена за един или за няколко от филмите/клиповете, по които работя в момента и не съм им уточнил заглавията...

A test sequence for one or several short films/music videoclips I'm working in progress. Not dubbed, yet.

It was real fun, after me and Maria "maiova" Ivanova shot the photo story "My Love"...

Hope you'll enjoy it too! :)

Режисьор, Монтаж, Актьор: Тодор Арнаудов
Оператори: Мария Иванова и Тодор Арнаудов

Director, Editor, Actor: Todor Arnaudov
Camera: Maria Ivanova and Todor Arnaudov

Equipment: Canon Powershot A540 :)

High Quality 640x480:


Yep, it's shaking in the beginning, but unfortunately it's almost impossible to reshoot that sequence.

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