Monday, August 4, 2008

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Evolution Issue - two compatible superior mutants in the same space and time?

Biological evolution is a cool concept, but it has issues.

That's what I thought about recently:

1. If one new-born creature is evolved to a new superior, "better fitted" type, then it will be genetically incompatible with the type of his or her mother. First of all, will it develop right in his mother, if it is genetically altered new type?

2. Then in order the randomly mutated type to continue to exist, two compatible mutants should be born in a near time-space, and they must bond...

3. On the other hand, if there are very few individuals from the new type, it's very likely that they will not gonna make it. Even if they bond, their children would have the incompatibility problem again - how they would find compatible individuals? And because evolution is "a slow process", the new type probably would be slightly different than the predecessor, thus the new type entities may be not aware that they are not compatible... This would lead to couples which can't have children, and the new type would die for this reason, also. Even if they couple with their own brothers and sisters, this may lead to inferior mutations...

I guess this point is a popular one:

4. Natural Selection sounds good, but it's only valid for one type - individuals from one type become more fitted for particular conditions, but the degree is in the same genetic material of one single type, new types are not created by natural selection.

Issues... :)

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