Saturday, September 11, 2021

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Who is the fittest AI researcher or developer in the world?* [FUN FACTS]

Watch the performance:

Edit: Outdated video. 1-2 months later I've been in a better shape: both conditioning, legs and performance at about 28 reps per minute +- , depending on the technique. Funnily (but not new for my training).

The video is from late August 2021, these are an year old shoots for the project "Bulgarian Ninja", or a later name: "Balkan Ninja" -  a project for a fighting video game (in Bulgarian) ~ 10.2020.


Well: not the fittest developer in any domain, and not working out too hard either.

For the fittest developer and also man, see the Belarusian guy Max: Максим Трухоновец. He seems as the best/the beast & the G.O.A.T. Max is Guiness record holder in many street work-out disciplines.

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