Saturday, September 4, 2021

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Body Art & Muscle Art using 3D Depth Camera made of two Logitech C270 webcameras - Бодиарт с 3D-камера

Depth camera body art / muscle art - done with two Logitech C270 and opencv coding in python. If anyone cares, the code is in my github repository that is linked in the video description, in the recent commits. Note that the current version of the code is experimental and not polished. That output also could be interpolated etc. to fill-in black discontinuities etc., however as of "art" they serve as contours etc.

Author, coder and model: Todor.

To be continued...

"Бодиарт"/мускулно изкуство създадено чрез стерео камера (3D-камера, камера за дълбочина). Направих го с две камери Лоджитек C270 и програмиране на Питон с OpenCV.
Автор, програмист и модел: Тодор - Тош.

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