Monday, June 10, 2019

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SuperCogAlg Blob Formation Interactive Inspection Videos

Clustering (segmentation) with my current implementation up to "blobs". Still a work in progress, but interactivity is growing.

It's not yet optimized, but the rendering of the items is deliberately slow in order the relations between them to be visible during drawing. The text part resembles PDF file rendering in the past on a slow PC with poor graphics card.

In the video games line, the first example resembles Conway's "Game of life", even cells with nuclei appear. :)

One of the Plovdiv's hills: (photo: mine)

An image from "Super Contra" NES video game (by Konami)

Web Text, big fonts (from the Vanilla CogAlg's issues)

The next step in the project besides debugging is the so called intra-blob formation - incremental segmentation within the ranges of each blob using different comparison criteria. I'll also be adding more interactivity etc.

More examples

Segmented frame from Konami's "Super Contra"

The beach in Samos, the island of Pythagoras. Original photo: MK.

Super CogAlg
Raw video links:

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