Saturday, June 1, 2019

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Super CogAlg - Segments-Blobs

Call for partners and co-founders

A processed frame from the video game "Super Contra" and some segment-blob-like structures*, looking like Tetris, rendered by my work-in-progress implementation and environment for general incremental pattern discovery. Currently it follows some of the basic comparisons of  the "Vanilla" version of CogAlg, but not exactly and probably will diverge and extend, since it's not supposed to be just a port.

It is also supposed to be interactive and "playable".

"The spirit of the video games" - now in color. :)

The rocket-picture by the Vanilla CogAlg displays more advanced structures, though.

* segments and blobs - see in CogAlg

Edit: 7-6-2019

Still a work in progress:


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