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AI Ethics | AGI Ethics and the ethics of the "emperors"' opinion about the danger of the thinking machines for the "survival of humanity"

An answer to: Business Accelerated  - Meet Amelia, the AI Platform That Could Change the Future of IT:

English international ethics

Just to mention how pathetic and inappropriately it sounds when an English professor in physics, sorry for being cynical - a bit caricaturically looking - is  cited as a "guru" who predicts and warns the world how dangerous AI is for the "future of humanity"... When his fellow "great" country England has conquered and robbed 1/4 of the world, starting from making their neighbour people slaves - the Irish and the others around. And they renamed their state "GREAT BRITAIN" - it's "Great England", mates and it's ridiculous when a country calls its own self "great".

England was a threat for the "future of humanity", but we survived, even though we were hurt in many ways, for example by the English language - that ambiguous and morphologically primitive "lingua franca" that everybody is forced to speak today...

US international ethics

Similraly pathetic is when US scientists, engineers or enterpreneurs, usually not in the AI, like one electric-car enterpreneur make their guru-sayings and warn "the humanity".

Why don't you say something about your fellow humans in your own fellow countries who "protect the world".

The sources say that the US army has nearly 900 military bases around the world, and military personnel in 130 nations (data is circa 2011, as of the cited source, see below). All know about the NATO and USA military interventions around the world.

Everybody knows the political obviousness that NATO is an American military institution and the EU is technically  an US overseas base.

What about the USA + England + EU  nuclear weapons potential?* That includes France, Germany - tha latter is not an independent country, BTW, it's USA protectorate since World War 2, assisted by France and England that also have military bases in Germany for the last 70 years.

These military forces serve for PEACE, aren't they!?

These civilized militaries kill only aboriginal people, only Afghan, Libyan, Iraqi etc. - or other "proven" to be terrorists!!! Including the millions children and civilians.

Historically the Africans, Indians (both in Asia and in America), Australian, Arabic, Asians, ... had a similar fate.

Well, but "the humanity" as a "race" survives! So these wars do not threaten "our" (THEIRS) survival, they are "ethical" - for democracy, for freedom!!!!

We (they) live in a beautiful world!!!!


Message to the "ethical" US and English scientific and engineering pseudo-gurus

Overall, dear USA and English scientists, please, keep your pretentious "expertise" in your narrow sciences. Do keep solving equations or exhausting combinations (one of the aspects of "research") or "solve problems" - these are fields where you are good, but computers also do since they were invented.

You are politically and socially infantile though.

Your "ethics" is "unethical" and insulting to the rest of humanity, which is not yet tamed and "educated" by your ideology, or which is just among the ones who are serving you, as the poor countries which are and would remain poor, as long as they are paid cents for making hundreds of dollars profits for their overseas "ethical" and "civilized" owners.

Your political leaders do not have a clue about HUMAN ethics and HUMAN-relations out of the list of violent and master-slave ones such as:

- Conquer
- Enslave
- Exploit
- Believe that you are "God", you can do whatever you want with the people of the other countries (English "bug" - there's no plural for "народ", folk, as Bulgarians, Germans, Russians; "nation" is different, Bulgarians were Bulgarians without having a nation state, etc.)
- etc.

English-USA political psychology as of the one of any imperial countries like the West European ones (France, Spain and Portugal in the past, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, ...) is suffering  a  hypertrophied feeling of superiority over the "aborigenes" around the world.

Their political international ideology is of the MASTER-and-the-SLAVE.

They are the "masters", the others, according to their believes, are supposed to be the "slaves" and the must obey - see how the TTIP and the related international "contracts" are prepared and going and what's the amount of public discussion, mutual agreements and mutual interest (unlike master-slave unquestionable intrest)).

Asimov's ridiculous, if taken literally, "laws of robotics", are laws of a naive "master" who's inferior than the "slave", but his "ethics", "moral" is even lower.

The even earlier classics "RUR" of Chapek is another illustration of the "ethics" of the masters who treat everybody else as instruments and slaves, including the people who are not from the masters castes.


So, English and US scientists - where were you when your imperialistic political leaders enslaved or conquered the other countries or made them dependent and not-free?

Where were you to give your pretentious authority bullshit speeches when the rest of the world needed you???


Guys, you, the sick "MASTERS of the world", you are not "the humanity" and you are not the "voice of humanity".

The exploiters of the world, the ones who believe that all nations and people around the world "owe" them to SERVE them, because you they are the "superior" ones or because they are more  "civilized" or something...

The world knows, that actually you just have bigger guns, you are more aggressive and "less-ethical", your political believe is that killing, threatening and robbing the other people is "free" for you, because you are "higher" etc.

Let's pray to God that it's not you who define the "machine ethics" - and that there's not one only "ethics" (i.e. a TOTALITARIAN rule that you set).

Let's hope that you won't define AI's ethics, because in your hands its endangered to be naive, blind, totalitarian, one-directional and egocentrical to your own profit that makes the other people your slaves.


* Not that the ENG and US are the only countries/political and military authorities who "threaten the future of humanity" and not that they are the only ones which are dangerous for the "survival of the human kind"... Quotes due to the pretentiousness of these "guru sayings", like coming from a Hollywood "blockbuster" apocalyptic bullshit movie, made like for mentally-retarded viewers or for children below 11 years of age.


SourcesBusiness Accelerated  - Meet Amelia, the AI Platform That Could Change the Future of IT:

"number of US military bases in the world"

Words: AGI ethics, AI ethics, ... етика на мислещата машина, мислещи машини, ...

See also from Todor Arnaudov:

"Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Discussion on General Intelligence, AGI and Superintelligence Safety and Human Moral | Cognitive Origins of the Concepts of Human Soul and its (...) ", 20-th of February 2012

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Todor "Tosh" Arnaudov - Twenkid said...

"Great" in Britain (Big) comes from the "small" counterpart where a lot of the original British population has emigrated after the Anglo-Saxons invaded the island, now a province in France. Thanks to David Cooper for the remark.