Monday, September 3, 2012

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News: Comics - Multi-Platform Story Novels - Animation - Cartoon - Voice Acting - Animatic - Visual Effects Software VFX -- Upcoming Twenkid Studio Satirical Production, featuring the IT, Semiconductor, AI, AGI, Science and Everything also | Скоро - мултиплатформена продукция - комикс, озвучен, аниматик, анимация, разкази, роман, филм

На български

Title: S.S. (see later)
Drawings from the first epidose:
Deliberately not telling what's the story about.

It's an amusing and funny satirical series, having serious/intelligent/dramatically/comically presented messages, with many characters, starting from the high-tech industry and people (semiconductors, hardware, software, automotive, aerospace, electronics, architecture, medicine ... researchers), but also spreading everywhere - sports, media, pop-culture, society, politics, celebrities, film industry, all kinds of absurds, comedy and drama, and all kinds of human relationships. It has some educational elements, too.

AI and AGI will probably also join the stories in one funny way or another in the high-tec part.

It have both action/strongy visual and dramatical/verbal stories.

It's a huge Universe (in my imagination), I plan to create multi-platform stories, e.g. various kinds of media and different points of view to the stories told.

The perfect form would be an interactive full-motion animation with sound and additional materials, textual, pictorial, sound. (Or a computer game.) Animating it as I would like to is too expensive and technologically impossible right now though, so it will start as a comics + text, a highly illustrated novel, graphical novel - whatever.


 I wrote and sketched the characters, settings and the plots of about 20 episodes, some with complex plot-twist and development, some simple, as early as 3 years ago, but didn't have the time/resources to start implementing it as good as I wished. I finally started the first episode a few weeks ago. The visual quality of the pilot episode that's coming won't be as good as I wished too yet, but I hope it's fine.

As my in-house VFX software technology improves, and I invest some more time in it to put some of the cool accelerating features in my mind, the episodes will become faster and easier to produce, and the animation will become implementable in a short time (I already have designs of how to do it, but it will take time after I start it up).

Indeed, the first public release of my Twenkid FX Studio software is also planned to finally come...

I don't have time to work on it lately (a long "lately" period), that's the reason it's being delayed from the start even though I've always known what to do. I am willing to make some release in the upcoming few months.

It might not be glamorously shiny for average users in the initial releases, but it will work (it already works for me) and it's implemented with impossibly short amount of human-work-hours*. I'd say - insanely low. It's supposed to have the key features available for users even if not perfect yet, for example those:

- chroma keying
- rotoscope with painting and clone tools
- matte painting
- color corrections
- motion tracking (stabilization/compensation trajectories)
- particle effects (some basic stuff for a start)

Even only this is enough to create pretty cool visuals, and these are not all features already existing or planned even for the first early public release, you'll see them when the release come.

BTW, the matte-painting was a function of the "grand-father" of this software back in 2005, matte-painting is one of my favorite visual effects, it's so simple and yet so powerful. Generally, the principles of all visual effects are trivial and obvious, at least for anyone who has talents in visual arts - drawing, photography etc. However coding all, stitching all together in a common interface, project etc. - that's laborious, even if all you have to do is crystal clear to you.

Regarding the graphical quality of the initial draft release of the pilot episode - it's drawn by hand with pencil, some of the pictures with a tablet (Wacom Bamboo), there are some editions and layout with GIMP, but it's mostly pencil. Some pictures are more elaborated, others are very quick sketches. There are too much frames to make all smooth and polished, I have other tasks to do too, waiting for a time-slice...

Such as that software that is being delayed for years, and it will include functions to accelerate the production of the comics, drawing and animation, too.

Generally, producing this is fun, and I believe it will be fun for the viewers, as long as they care for the topics of the stories told. :)

Stay tuned and please - show your love and share the fun, if you liked it. :) Thanks.
That below is just a small spider-man exercise from January 2012 (assisted by references in a comic book), just to show some skills:

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