Thursday, March 31, 2011


IM-CLeVER and iCub - EU Funded Projects - Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning, Abstraction of Sensory Inputs ...

Have you seen this cute little baby robot?

I have heard of it, but checking the aims and basic assumptions of the project from the source pushed me - they're in the right direction and aware of the issues, Juergen Schmidhuber is being one of the leaders.

Another signal that I have to discipline my ass, as well... :)

IM-CLeVeR is supported by the European Commission
under the ‘FP7 Cognitive Systems, Interaction,
and Robotics Initiative’, grant no. 231722.

Start: 01/01/2009 (start of scientific work: 01/05/2009)
End: 30/04/2013
Total duration: 52 months

Total EU Funding: 5.899.884 euros
Total Budget (EU Funding + Cofunding): 7.726.783 euros

Another use of iCub:

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Alex Kamburov said...

I really enjoyed watching the first video. I was thinking the same thing a few months ago. If we can just make something that can see and feel... if a machine can make a model of what its cameras record and its "hands" hold. Seeing this baby robot really made sense, that's what babies do. Look at things, try to hold them and see how they are - just make a model of what is in front of them. If you can make models then you're intelligent, isn't it that simple? We say that intelligence is prediction, right? So what comes before you can predict something, a model?

Tosh, do you have observations related to this EU project? Where does it stand in the grand AGI picture?

Todor "Tosh" Arnaudov - Twenkid said...

Well, I think I mentioned. IMHO this is good AGI, they are on the right direction.

And yes, everybody wants to have such a framework to play with, my first ones would probably be only virtual, though.