Thursday, August 20, 2009

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The NEW ERA has begun! Judgment day has passed...

Tosh is free now

I'm not working as a verification engineer of ASICs anymore (ouchh....).

So let me introduce myself as a pure:

Independent Filmmaker
Independent Researcher


Some of my current or near future R&D trends are:

        (One strategical long-term thread started, "by the way")
- Biology, Mollecular biology, Biochemistry, Genomics and stuff.

- Music theory and notation.

- Software music synthesizer. Would be used for the movie "The Gift".

- Computer Vision/Image Processing/Computer Graphcics and a proprietary Editing/Compositing/Animation/CGI Software. I need it for some scenes of the short film "The Gift" and the movies after.

- Research Accelerators.

- Back to my Theory of Universal Simulators of Virtual Universes - Mind as a predictor of the future, using hierarchical models of virtual universes, extracted from the sensory inputs. (Bulgarian)

Wish me luck...

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