Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wake up, Tosh!

I should wake up...

Competition in our "mad-scientists" AI-club is awaken and funded!

See what De Garis says he's doing now:

Huge Virtex FPGAs with zillions of logical gates, building a brain-machine, Utah State University - funding, etc....

Not to mention Jeff Hawkins in Numenta - however it's nice, that currently I'm not really impressed by their demos. I should mention again Boris Kazachenko, who's also really working.

Poor twenkid - me... I thought I'm a part of the "mad-scientists" AI-club , but I've been in a sort of vacation for so many years.

Now I'm engineering, playing a filmmaker, the keyboard... Darts!...

I should wake up, or I'll be late for the big party... :-(

It seems the judgment day is coming!

The Terminator theme