Friday, September 26, 2008

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Theories of Intelligence and Mind by Todor Arnaudov, Jeff Hawkins, Boris Kazachenko and others - Teaser

Български - после...

Did you know, that there are few "mad scientists" around the globe, who are claiming they do have theories of intelligence, theories of mind or something? :)

Probably the number of researchers in that direction has grown, since the most famous amongst them, Jeff Hawkins has published a book about his speculations in 2004. Actually my theory, which was about Mind, Universe and everything, was conceived and constructed between 2002 and 2004, I was still a teenager.

However it is still published only in Bulgarian: ... :)
Translation is in progress, from time-to-time.


In essence, it seems intelligence is a simple thing...

All of us has reached to conclusion, that intelligence is an ability to predict future perceptions by simulating or extrapolating perceptions taken from the experience. (Well, actually a lot of researches has reached to something like this in Machine learning, but... Later... )

Also, all reach to concepts related to hierarchies for predictions or simulations. Jeff calls it "Hierarchical Temporal Memory". Boris uses levels. I use also levels. I like "Virtual sub-universes in different levels", because my theory was general, metaphysics, it was finding patterns in Mind and in Universe.

Implementation of this simple idea, detailing... Modeling the dynamics of the system or the "scaling" of the system, as Boris says - this is the tricky part.

I'll write more about the theories of me, Jeff and Hawkins later.


I know few other ingenious people, potentially or actually in that special field... One of them is a mysterious woman, let's call her T-X. She was very advanced as I knew her 4 years ago, if I remember correctly, she was claiming that she is able to do real simulations of evolving mind, but they are too slow. I haven't spoke to her since 4 years, and she does not have a blog... :)

Hugo De Garis

Evolving neural systems...

Raymond Kurzweil
An ingenious engineer in the past, but I haven't heard he was creating something interesting recently. Mostly doing "AI prophecies" in books, explaining the future of thinking machines...

It's funny that we do share the passion in sound-processing and speech-synthesis - he was creator of the first OCR-Text-to-speech system in 70-ies. But this is another story, and one of his companies is for Keyboards, Synthesizers.

BTW, I finally got one :P, but for now it's just a basic Yamaha...

Wish one day I play a Kurzweil's synthesizer...

But this is yet another story. :)))

And yes, he's making good synthesizers, but I'm disappointed by his Cybernetic Poet. Yet another shallow pseudo-creator, which shuffles words, but doesn't have images and lacks imagination.

Hans Moravec

He is an AI prophet, also... :))

Usually "mad AI-scientists" are also AI-prophets... :))

Kevin Warwick?

Well, I wouldn't put him inside this group. Too... Too cyborgial. But let's mention him...


Some of those "mad-scientists" claim they are transhumanists. Some - almost with religious feeling.

A transhumanist psalm

The future of humanity is in machine bodies.
We will evolve to a higher form of existеnce!
We will be able to live forever!!!Eternity shall be ours, with our transhumane cybernetic ultra-giga-terra-peta evolved souls!


I'm not one of the religious ones, or at least I don't think so, even tought part of my prose or metaphysics, which I wrote in my teens about that, seems the opposite... :)

I don't know... It might be cool... ;)

...To be continued...

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