Friday, November 7, 2008

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Bachovo Horo and Vanilla Ninja (Бахово хоро и Ванила Нинджа)

[ BTW, for the subscribers - news from an old article: I put the news about my visit to IMCSIT in the post about my leaving: ]

Bachovo Horo - Bulgarian folk dances and Bach

This was sort of my first "composition" on the keyboard. Or more precisely it's a mix, a combination... After a week with a keyboard at hand. :)

Vanilla Ninja and Me

A wallpaper on my workstation's desktop...

Vanilla Ninja are not popular in Bulgaria...
I remember that once I heard that name on the radio, as one of the participants somewhere... Аnd thenI thoutht "Interesting name...". That was all...

However, in the spring I saw a video in the blog of a friend. And then I said:

- YEAH!!!

So cool!!! :)

I agree that they are not virtuoso with the guitars, but their voices and their look...

- YEAH!!!

"Welcome to Estonia... What you see ain't what you get... Welcome to the dangerzone... Tonight!"

I wished to visit Estonia, when I saw Vanilla Ninja. :)

So I tried to play over their songs... Maybe one day I may join their band as a guest guitarist?

It was pure improvization on-the-fly and pure fun...

Vanilla Ninja and Tosh - 1(Clean)
Vanilla Ninja and Tosh - 2 (Distorted)

Yeah... Bad technique... Bad sound... (:blushed:)
Sure! Otherwise I wouldn't have a reason to do it better again!!!

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