Sunday, February 25, 2024

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BgGPT-Instruct-0.1 - Mistral7B in Google Colab - Chat interface for convenient usage and Many More Tests

The "Sacred Computer" studies and applies more tests of the INSAIT's finetuned Mistral-7B-instruct (BgGPT) on Google Colab, so everybody can experiment before the official release which is announced as 3.3.2024. 

 Is INSAIT's claim that the model is "comparable to ChatGPT" reliable or it is just an advertising  slogan and it is more similar to GPT2? (Or all similar LLMs are, this is not a fault of a single model).

This tutorial is in  Bulgarian, but the notebook is "international" and is available on Github. Also future parts may be in English and may cover also the original Mistral etc. as it seems there is too little interest by the Bulgarians for now.

Donate cloud services if you wish to support me to conduct more deeper and thorough experiments. So far the Colab has limitations: 16 GB (15 shown on the dashboard) of the Telsa T4 are barely enough, attempts to execute summarization on "long" texts of 500 etc. characters failed due to Out of memory error. 

Повече тестове на BgGPT 7B в Google Colab - дали претенциите за сравнимост с ЧатГПТ ("в някои задачи") отговарят на истината, или повече прилича на GPT-2? (GPT2-Medium на Свещеният сметач е от 2021 г). Кои са силните и слабите му страни? Следват още продължения и развитие на автоматизирани тестове, може би и обстойна техническа статия.

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