Saturday, November 25, 2023

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Genius by Verses AI - Intelligence as a Service for Multiagent Systems with Free Energy Principle/Active inference framework and the Bulgarian Blueprint announcement

Verses AI - the company that develops multiagent systems, inspired by and implementing the Free Energy Principle/Active Inference by Karl Friston, releases a platform called "Genius". FEP/AIF and the related work by colleagues and students of K.F. actually repeat, expand with volume and mathematical notation (and create maps to actual physics, neuroscience and more technical evidence from natural science, medical/neuroscience, physics etc. data), prove and continue the work on the main principles and ideas of my own Theory of Universe and Mind, with the classical pieces of the body of work published between late 2001 and early 2004. You can see that more clearly in the FEP/AIF literature, K.F. participations in podcasts (e.g. MLST) and the Active Inference Institute channel. The matches spring starting from the core of the principles: minimization of the prediction error at all levels of scale and the ubiquitous multiscale, multilevel nested simulation; in FEP/AIF it's "Markov blankets", in TOUM it is called causality-control units, virtual universes, subuniverses, submachines which run in a hierarchical Universal simulator of virtual universe - what both Universe and Mind are (or more strictly: could be represented and encoded as such). On specific comparisons and matches to other works as well see some already published notes:
One article about FEP when I first heard about it in late 2018: Ultimate AI, Free Energy Principle and Predictive Coding vs Todor and CogAlg - Discussion in Montreal.AI forum and Artificial Mind

Look forward for the "Universe and Mind 6" and the book about the Prophets of the Thinking machines, and check the github page for comparisons.  

* PS. Funnily their demo features a drone, one field where I was "professional" in a start-up lately, but I considered it was better to do it as a hobby as of the management there.  See the EZ drone brain experiments series, I don't have time to focus on it lately, but it will continue with ROS line of experiments.

* According to Yahoo finance etc. they were evaluated at about $100M (about 12.11), there's info about some funding round of $3M CAD.
** A few days later it jumped to 132 M, now 139 M:
So my theory is on the rise.. Go, go, go! 

"The Sacred Computer" is lacking that luxury, yet, LOL, or any luxury, more than twenty years after I clearly expressed the direction about what to do in order to build generally intelligent machines. Thinking out loud, on the second thought though, a "consolation" is that if one aims to be young forever, the passing of the years shouldn't matter much. I guess: so far, so good with the goal and keeping within the "setpoint" in my "Forever Young" program.

I'm looking for partners as always:

*** There's one American guy called Bryan Johnson:*, who has similar goals and calls himself "a professional rejuvenation athlete". There are similarities, but some big differences as well, for instance I am "natty" and my "blueprint" which I am improving is very cheap. My diet is diverse  and consists of ordinary food from the supermarket and the grocery store and it is not strictly "clean" or "healthy" (by many standards) or only low glycemic index food. He admits he takes about 100 pills a day, including testosterone replacement (technically he's "on juice", "illegal" among eating a very special low-glycemic diet and applying many other special procedures etc., I only take cheap Magnesium and sometimes I skip (e.g. yesterday).

* Now that I revisit his site, it "welcomes" the visitor with a big ad for his brand of olive oil:
" Extra Virgin Olive Oil is more powerful than resveratrol, NR, cold plunge, sauna and your favorite podcast".  

Well, the "Bulgarian Blueprint" is not published yet and needs to be analyzed, 
 that's a topic for another conversation or videos. Also it is possible that it may work with people with similar genetics, as well as Johnson's program may work for his similar fellow Americans or Anglosaxon-like-origin people. 

One of the differences is that he claims that he aims at being "18 again", while I guess I've been always much younger than that in many aspects and in some aspects I'm more like in my early teens, and in others, e.g. as of endless curiosity, learning and development I am maybe still at 11 or 6 or .... See the definition of "Twenkid", which I coined back in 2008, whopping 15 years ago, which was a continuation of another term: "Yunak", which was coined another 7 years earlier: 

Stay tuned, join, collaborate, like, subscribe, comment, share and donate! (and laugh, of course)

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Edit: A little one about the "20 years" paragraph, 26.11.2023

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