Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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Tabs disappear - Chrome feature/bug request :)

I've been very busy with a lot of research and R&D and one funny things which I discovered a while ago while working with Chrome (I use many browsers, including one "mine", controlled from a custom research accelerator that I'm using, unpublished).

I post this as a bug report, let's see will it be fixed/they would care about this rare condition.

The minimum size of the tab icons/buttons is fixed and the tab-buttons-bar is fixed. When the number of tabs exceeds the capacity of the screen (more often when working in portrait mode), the new tabs are not shown and disappear. They have to be selected with the keyboard (Ctrl-Tab etc.). A solution could be either:
 1) a scrolling feature, scrolling controls to appear in order to see the hidden tabs; 
2) smaller size of the icon-buttons or 
3) at least a notification that the number of tabs per window is exceeded and a new window has to be created, or automatically creating one with a warning. 

 Yes, it is a bad practice to open so many tabs in one window, but if not using a more sophisticated session management and smarter bookmarking, it's a way to quickly store and mark a set of currently researched items which are for study/exploration/additional reading in a following session. Thanks


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