Thursday, January 30, 2020


Z***** 0.0001's Point of View to the Match

Z***** 0.0001, watching Djokovic vs Federer match at Australlian Open 2020 on Eurosport.
Art from my AGI Prototype, in this application it's in the form of computer vision.

Current name is still tentative since it's in "stealth", the old name of the system was "SuperCogAlg" - it was just a cheesy first pick due to "Super Contra" and "CogAlg" etc.

The latter name is also funny sounding abbreviation, again coined by me for BK's lengthy "Cognitive Algorithm" somewhere in 2015? during its pre-code era.

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Jon said...

Todor "Tosh" Arnaudov - Twenkid said...

Cool - the title & the illustration were metaphors, it's about another "Match" and the picture was just interesting.