Sunday, May 12, 2019

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Ghosts of Sprites of Classic Video Games in CogAlg Output

The algorithm is not practical yet, but in an output last month it started to capture the rough shape of a rocket in the sky and produced funny artifacts on the even background. Thanks to Khan for debugging the then-current version to a point of running.

The spirit of the sprites of early video game systems has reincarnated in the debug pictures, displaying the coverage of the basic 2D-patterns, found by the algorithm, so called "blobs".

First image - the spirit of Pac-Man, the ghosts from "Pac-Man" and other monsters.

Below, the bushes and the trees of the classic early 80-ies games "Bug attack"/"Centipede"(similar), pirated for Pravetz-82/M as "Нашествие".

A picture of  a cat's face, resembling Space Invaders or an "astronaut" (or an alien) vs a snail's eyes alien.

The algorithm turned out as a pre-generator of levels for classic video games...

The first milestone is achieved!... ;)

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