Friday, June 29, 2018

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Bulgarian research group in Code Synthesis in Switzerland

Do you know about a trendy research group in Code Synthesis that runs in Zurich, Switzerland? Its leaders are several Bulgarian researchers from ETH with a spin-off start-up called "DeepCode". They use "Big Code", such as GitHub and neural networks, however combined with other methods.

A recent article, an interview witn Martin Vechev, one of the leaders of the DeepCode

(Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, ebenfalls, aber... Google Translate from German to English is good enough. :)  )

Older Notes from 5.2.2018 :

A recent University lecture course on Reliable and Interpretable Artificial Intelligence... (Fall 2017) ... taught in ETH Zurich by several fellow bulgarian researchers:

Deep Code, Code Synthesis, AI

Thanks to Ivan Dzheferov for the links!


Todor and Code Synthesis

For the record, I've been in the Code Synthesis domain, too, but it "doesn't count yet" publicly, because it was not in an academic environment and style, it was part of my general AGI notes and research activities and I haven't published it yet, it's not completed as practical yet.

However it aims at "AGI-Complete" code synthesis which is integrated with the "general AGI", language and vision. So far the ideas were not based on DNN, millions-lines of code style, and were more "conceptual", aiming at hitting a lot of targets with a few bullets. For example - by writing a little code and letting it find and write the rest itself.

However I've switched focus. A friend and a developer, Ivan, notified me about that research group some time ago - because he knew my "radical" claims, maybe since 4-5 years*, that I believed that the software development had no future as a domain and profession.

Software should be developed (generated) automatically and certainly not the way it was done either then or now.

It was quite a claim to express in front of developers, so I avoided to do it in public :D, with a few exceptions, since I expected to be ridiculed by people who had no clue. They believed  that "AI"* was a "science fiction", computers "can't do that". "AI" - because even today the "AGI" is not a popular term.
In an interview with Martin Vechev for a Bulgarian media, he mentions AGI at the end as a distant goal with his Bulgarian translation ("Всеобщ изкуствен интелект"; моят термин беше "Универсален изкуствен разум" и др. варианти, както и само "Изкуствен разум" - за да се разграничи от опорочения "интелект").

I'd better focus back. :))

[Article trimmed ... To be continued...]

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