Saturday, February 24, 2018

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MIT creates a course in AGI - eight years after Todor Arnaudov at Plovdiv University

Well, good job, MIT - just 8 years after my first course in AGI at Plovdiv Univesity and 7 after the second. I'd like to thank to my Alma mater and prof. Manev and prof. Mekerov, too.  Виж Програмата на курса по Универсален Изкуствен Разум (УИР) на български от страницата на университета, и на следващия курс. Лекции, материали (Lectures, materials - some in English):

MIT's course:

It's open and it seems it has started a month ago in January 2018.

Watch the lectures in Lex Fridman's channel on Youtube.

Me with my best students at the end of the first course:

* The shirt with the caption "Science = Art + Fun" is from my participation at the science communication competition "FameLab Bulgaria" in the previous year ("Лаборатория за слава").

Right, I looked like if I were the youngest student... :D


( Edit: I noticed I've first written "seven years since the first", but the first one was in 2010. So it's almost 8 years - spring 2010)

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