Thursday, September 28, 2017

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XAI - or explainable AI - a new buzz word

XAI or eXplainable AI, that's the new way of DARPA for addressing the problem that intelligence is about understanding, analysis, causality, prediction/planning etc.

That reflects or goes along with political tendencies which would limit the usage of CNN/RNN/Deep Learning systems when they can't give "reasonable" explanation of their decisions, for example in an automatic selection process.

That article gives more info about the new laws:

The political part is silly, though, for example with its advocacy that the lawyers are the ultimate gods of the Unvierse or the "good and evil" examples. :) 

Humans are also susceptible to the same faults of choosing the prevailing opinion of "supervised learning" (authorities) and "reinforcement learning" (rewards and punishments to direct opinions and decisions).


ОИИ - ой-ой-и--... Обясним изкуствен интелект - нова дума за това което ИИ би трябвало винаги да бъде, когато се изгражда на етапи и с осъзнаване и език.

Досега - универсален изкуствен разум - УИР, УИИ, AGI, ...

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