Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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Deep Learning tutorials, demos and study materials - CNN, RNN, OpenCV, Python

Sure, there's plenty of them which pop in the search results, but there you are some materials which I would suggest:

1. How Deep Neural Networks Work

2. How Convolutional Neural Networks work

Etc. from the same author.


Check the latest posts in the Pyimagesearch blog for Computer vision. Using the latest OpenCV 3.3 there are powerful modules which allow to start playing with trained neural networks after a few minutes (in Python):

Object detection with deep learning and OpenCV - PyImageSearch
Learn how to apply object detection using deep learning, Python, and OpenCV with pre-trained Convolutional Neural Networks.


JS/webGL library suggested in Google's Research blog

I'm not a proponent of JS as a working environment, but using webGL this project is very convenient for an introduction.

It allows you to peek into the layers and see what the data looks like.

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