Monday, December 26, 2016

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Contra in Hackafe | Контра в Хакафе Пловдив | Premiere - Премиера


That's my new short-film, where I'm a writer, director, actor, "make-up artist", "production designer", music composer and performer*, editor, animator, developer of the software for editing, ... and whatever.

Contra (the name may adjust) is my new nickname, it's also an introduction of my new channel  "Hackerboy", I plan to create something like a "video log" regarding hacker's and hackerspace experience, however I guess it will be an "artistic one".


There was a pre-premiere during Hackafe's New Year's party on 22.12.2016 in front of about 35-40 people. The audience laughed. :)

It's a 3-minute low (no) budget movie, one-man show, but if you like video games,  particular classic shooter, costume play (cosplay) and my acting, it's fun.

I'm looking for partners to join me - I want to create more sophisticated sequels, that's an introduction.

To be continued...

* Most of the music is inspired or interpreting/variating motives from the music from the NES version of "Contra", there's also a simple "original" progression in the beginning.

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