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AGI Start-ups, AGI Researchers and Research Institutes List - Vicarious, DeepMind, Numenta, AdaptiveAI, DiffBot, OpenCog, Baidu ...

"Strategic" resumes for anyone in this area who wants to watch and check what the competition in the AI/AGI race is doing. The list is to be continued, extended with the many research institutes in Universities, individual interesting researchers/philosophers etc., and presented better, maybe in a dedicated web site. Please add comments to include your team or project. Mistakes and outdated info are possible.

CompanyAreas and TopicsPeople

Cognitive Algorithm (CogAlg)Unsupervised AGI, Non-neuromorphic Deep Learning, Hierarchical Pattern Discovery, Incremental on-line learningBoris Kazachenko & contributors (Todor Arnaudov, Khan Nguyen et al.) (CC)

Celestial Intellect Cybernetics
AGI, Ultimate AI; Systems neuroscience influenced - Friston's Free Energy & Active inference, AI-unification, Omega AI Cognitive architecture

Eray Ozkural
Twenkid Research
AGI, Seed AI, Ethics, Philosophy, Language, Developmental Psychology, Sensori-motor grounding/symbol grounding, Todor's "Theory of Universe and Mind" (early 2000s), "Stealth"

Todor Arnaudov
AGI, HTM, GROK, Cognitive Computing, Neural Computing, Neocortex-simulation

Jeff Hawkins
DeepMind (Google)
Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning (Atari 2600 player, AlphaGo, Starcraft II),

Demis Hassabis, Shane Legg
Mental simulaiton, imagination, generative models, neural learning, cognitive computing, neocortex functional simulation. Solved "Captcha", but didn't sell a product yet.

Dileep George (ex. Numenta), Scott Phoenix
Large scale NN, superhuman perception, intelligent automation, general-purpose AI

Juergen Schmidhuber
Deep Learning, Image Recognition, Speech recognition, Recommendation, ...

Andrew Ng
Intelligent Assistants, Phone-answering interactive systems, ...

Intelligent crawlers/data mining/information extraction; browser-simulation with computer-vision-assisted analysis and search

Deep Learning, face recogniton, ...

Le Con
Stanford's Human-Centered AI
Multidisciplinary research; Tradition in Computer Vision since 70-ies, Self-driving cars, Deep Learning

Deep Learning, Speech Recognition, Computer Vision, ...

NLP, ...

Open source, Cognitive Architecture, ...

Ben Goertzel
OpenAISafe AGI, Ethics; non-profit
"Artificial intelligence for the enterprise", currently "in stealth"

Located in NY and Sofia.

Developmental robotics

LEVAN (Learn everything about anything)Computer vision, Visual learning, NLP, Crawler, studies from web

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