Monday, December 10, 2012

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AGI Researchers: Unite! Thinking Machines are Coming Really Soon.. Act NOW!

In the late years, and increasingly with time, I fail to see any meaningful conceptual or technological reason for thinking machines not to exist already... I've claimed it before and I claim it again.*

I dare to say that one of the reason why AGI has not been implemented yet are my own distractions and other problems which prevented me to work. The time is ticking away, though, I see crucial breakthroughs next year or in the worst case - in the next few years, and I'm switching to working mode, so look forward to see them...

We must act, unite, incorporate and work hard NOW if we are to be one of the pioneers.

Otherwise - the rich and heavy armored batteries of the rich institutionalized researchers, funded by our taxes, DARPA, and big rich companies will push it and we will stay marginalized and get forgotten, even though we were ahead of them (see my previous post about my hypotheses from 2003 and a 2011 academic work)

Do you know IIT?

Just look how big they are:

Italy is really pushing this field. I've marked the "danger" from the EU IM-CLEVER project some time ago, a colleague once told me how clumsy it's it in the real live, 24-blade server? or something, but they got correct research direction.

IIT is another big "danger", I think they are the creators of the iCube robot, they have a huge exhaustive research program and correct general direction which will reach to the goal. And one even stronger reason to "be afraid" if you don't join their army :) - they are apparently equipped with the best technology and have plenty of human power.

There are at least several other very solid and rich institutes, which are touching the "right directions" in the UK and the USA, I'll mark them later (have to re-find the links, but I got "frightened" from their power .. :) )

Thinking Machines Thinkers - Unite!

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