Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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News: TILT - Efficient Rectification (Texture-Pixel-Based 3D-Like Perspective and other) by Microsoft Research - and the SIGI-AGI Prototype and Research Accelerator News

I've discussed about the must-be simplicity of 3D-scene-and-light reconstruction, back in the 1/1/2012 article about Optical Illusions, and later on the AGI-List*, and I see it very soon coming en mass.

"TILT" by Microsoft is yet another demonstration of this coming... :X

The RGB-D sensors (such as Kinect and ASUS Xtion) that are getting cheap and popular are also a jump to that direction, they make 3D reconstruction trivial.

In the last two months I've been also directing my mind into visual-vision-images R&D for pracical developments in computer vision, graphics (my Twenkid FX studio video editing/visual effects and general movie production) and on the 3D-texture-light-reconstruction, but I've been slipping and spreading into many other more general branches, for example mathematics, physics, philosophy and even some... music.

I hope I won't be too late, but the true beginning of the implementation of my first SIGI-AGI-prototype is also approaching, I'll show it when it's ready to do impressive job. :P

Some of the system's purposes will be immediately practical and aiming to be useful as a product.

It might be the smart mind behind an old project of mine, I planned to implement a little bit of it back in 2008 as a Master's thesis, but I was too busy and eventually ended up doing something else, i.e. described my 2004's Text-to-speech synthesizer "Glas" and proposed many improvements and an entirely new architecture. That's another project that I wish to improve and make that new architecture. For example that old version is still in use for reading out loud materials for me.

I've called that old advanced project "Research Accelerator" in some old posts, because it's supposed to help general research (all domains), it's also an "Intelligent Operating System".**

A few somewhat related systems/approaches/directions (quite not fully similar, though):

  • Microsoft's agent - "Personal Assistant"

  • (see: about 35 minute), and PSearch.

  • Google's "Google Now"

  • The research field of "Intelligent Environments" is also related to what my AGI prototype is supposed to deal with, e.g. activity recognition.
    See for example: Fine-Grained Kitchen Activity Recognition using RGB-D

    Activity Recognition in Pervasive Intell...

    * I've talked about some obvious 3D-reconstruction clues even in the 2004's "Universe and Mind 4", and everybody knows them, but they are not consciously accessible to most people.

    ** Windows 7 has a function for smart prefetch of applications expected to be started by the user soon - "superfetch". My intelligent system is supposed to do, too, but in more general "superfetching sense". In general, that direction of predictive doing of things is obvious and everywhere, prediction is in the core of my theory of intelligence as well and prediction is in the essence of computing in general.

    *** AGIRI AGI List

    I've spent more efforts that I should in explanations of important concepts on the AGIRI AGI List from time to time, but I feel sorry afterward... :D The extent to which I do is a waste of time, especially since the ones who seem not to get it just doesn't get it, no matter how precise the explanation is. However I believe a lot of the materials are pretty detailed and useful if you're interested in AGI and want to learn.

    They deserve a "digest", something I've promised long ago - well, I'll do when I can, some day. If it doesn't happen soon, it may come in the next 5-th part of my old series of big works.

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    Very interesting videos from MS Research. Thanks for sharing :)