Saturday, October 20, 2012

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Yale Open University - Open Courses Done Right | Отворени лекции от Йейл - Фундаментална Физика

Remember my post about the quasi-free courses (the trendy ones lately) which were threatening you with legal actions against you?

Open Yale courses seem to be different:

It's Creative Commons, therefore you can use and share for educational purposes the materials - video, sound, transcripts - without being threatened.

I would recommend myself the Fundamental Physics courses, - excellent coverage with an excelent and very funny teacher.

In general, the "novelty" promoted by the major online courses is somewhat false, there were online courses, tutorials, lectures, notes, solutions, help since the time materials and notes could be put "online". As the storage and bandwith allows, more images, more audio, video etc. in ever higher quality is uploaded, nothing "new" and nothing "original"there.

The interaction with the teachers and the grading can be taken as something "new", but it's not, message boards and chat rooms with experts or email lists are the same, competitions (on programming contests etc.).

The formal grading is not equal to a University one, and a teacher cannot really examine or answer personally hundreds or thousands of studtents - it would be an automatic tool, and the questions asked by hundreds or thousands of people on the same subject matter will undoubtely often match, you can do it on your own anyway*, with or without an embodied teacher.

* Yeah, some people would not do anything if there's not an embodied teacher, somebody to push you to work.

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