Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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News: Updates about the upcoming First AGI/SIGI, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary conference, organized by Todor Arnaudov and friends, as of 9/5/2012

See the: Initial Announcement

The organization is progressing, so far the date is inclining to the first quarter of July in Plovdiv, but would be confirmed later.

I'll mention for now some of the accepted actual participants and the preliminary directions of their topics:
  • A leading researcher in Reinforcement Learning and Robotics from the Italian Institute of Technology
  • A brilliant undergraduate (as of now) in Robotics from the University of Reading, UK, with a paper that's also for an IEEE conference.
  • A very talented and experienced AI/AGI developer, with a workshop covering one special type of neural networks
  • One of my best students from practically the first AGI University course worldwide on ethical problems
  • A brilliant applied mathematician who was one of the best students in the  second AGI course 
  •  Myself with a lot of presentations on many topics in various fields
Other students among the best ones from my courses as visitors, and one friend of mine who's developer and entrepreneur and is watching the AGI field, and often notifies me to check for interesting publications (thanks, Sasho!)

There's a more detailed program of topics, but it's to be disclosed as the event date gets closer.


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